What Is Free Activist Witch Camp

at the face to face meeting, there were questions that came up a lot, surrounding who/ what are we? what collective magic are we working? what magic is working us?
so, to initiate that conversation we thought dissecting our camp name "free activist witch camp" was a good way to start…

FAWC anagrams
our responses...
what does "free" or "freedom" mean to you?

what is an activist? what is activism? how are you/we activists? what is different about us?

what's a witch? what's magic?

what is camp? why do we gather? why do YOU come? —Is it a place where we gather as individuals once a year to learn magic from teachers? How do you see this camp linked to other fawc's in the future, other witch camps, other gatherings? Is it a place where our communities converge and hold council, and reconnect? who are you coming to meet? are you interested in creating a sustainable magical activist community and family with fawc campers? are you interested in coming to meet allies with whom to out in the world and do actions? is it all of these things?

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