Welness Culture Wg Notes April 4 09

This meeting was about sitting down and deciding who we are and what we
want to do. We are essentially interested in continuing to remember,
create and implement “wellness culture” within the camp structure. We
decided to use an elemental mandala as our guide and to take a list from
the f2f and create a timeline for priorities so that we might begin to
move towards anticipating known and unknown needs for camp and to
initiate proposals that might serve those needs.
The detailed notes follow below.

present: Rebecca, Seneca and rain
April 4, 2009

For Discussion
1. listing of and creating a timeline for priorities
2. making a relational mind map(s)
3. connecting with and enfolding other interested working group members
4. working with language for the drug and alcohol policy with Welcoming/
Registration WG?
5. container-articulate the work of the group
6. address “catalyst”

Who are we and what are we doing?

We are a working group for FAWC that intends to create an infrastructure
to support a culture of wellness at camp. A substantial part of this
culture will be oriented around a template that could be applicable to
many different events/contexts, but in this case will be camp specific.
The template is designed to address the many different kinds of cultural
wellness imaginable and corresponds with the five elements and their
essential characters, as we understand them through the
Reclaiming/contemporary pagan lens. Briefly they would include: physical
wellness (north), communication/process wellness (air),
transformational/enlivening wellness (fire), emotional/mental wellness
(water) and the wellness that comes from weaving and integration,
devotion and celebration (center). The nut of the embodiment of the
template is in the creation of sound containers and processes that allow
for stable and solid yet dynamic creative experiences. We are interested
in the questions: What parts/patterns of the empire’s culture serve to
cause harm to the whole being and how do we acknowledge them and also
choose to discontinue replicating them? What would a culture that values
and honors healing and wholeness embody in practice as well as in
theory? What could be a starting place in designing such a cultural
entity? The “Well” would be a grassroots healthcare collective that
provides services, teaches skills, facilitates skillshares and would be
capable of responding to the shifting needs of a given community,
whether it be a camp or a disaster of any sort. This model is what
informs the template that we will be working with and from as we
endeavor to be evermore intentional about the well-being of our camp
organism and its constituent sentience.

we took a list of brainstormed “issues” and assigned them a priority
rating of 1-5, 1 being more urgent and 5 being less urgent. we also
assigned them into one of the elemental wellness groupings. so each will
have a letter(s) and a number(s).

-gatekeeping E/F-1
(relating to: process of coming into camp through registration and also
physically coming into camp the time/space, having an element of
gatekeeping in each ritual/ <dragons>, boundary setting and awareness,
possibly anticipating the “big eyes and big ears” of empire’s agents,
having wards at nighttime, as well as creating a process <not invoking
the situation though> of how to ask someone to leave camp) also related
to safety/crisis responses

-how is someone asked to leave camp? A-3
(related to a larger designed protocol around assessing safety, alleged
agreement breaches or violations and using a proportionate response that
allows for context, conflict engagement and /or mediation and
potentially, restorative justice circles;
for example asking someone to leave might not be what serves as a first
step, then again if the behavior is egregious then it may be what serves
as a first/final step within an agreed upon process.)

-protocol for addressing “difficult” energie(s) at ritual A/E-3

-conflict resolution process as a camp organizing structure A-2

-the creation, maintenance and “staffing” of the wellness space at camp

-youth space and sex? F-3/4

-creating ritual container at camp, prior to camp’s start E/C-4

-creation/continuance of archive of organizer agreements and structures A-1
(we would like to check in with communication wg., is there an archive
already started?, does someone(s) have records of proposals, consensus’,
meeting notes/
minutes-like what is our drug and alcohol “policy”?-these would be stored
digitally and physically as an archival campstory-
available and accessible in and out of camp for transparency of process
in as much
as organizers deem. essentially this would be like a codex or a covenant-
a record of our process journey that brings us to present time.)

-how does one join the organizing and how might one be asked to leave
it? A-1
(related to and distinct also from the archiving project as it is a specific
question that all organizers may wish to have the answer to at the ready)

-what are the organizing cell’s communication agreements and are they
the same for all camp? A-1
(do we have general or specific, explicit or implicit agreements about
what is acceptable and even preferable communication, for example:
it would seem unacceptable to use violent or oppressive language on
calls or
meetings, yet have we named it as a value and an expectation? we will be
working to create a proposal for clearly articulated communication

-how does this working group intend to enfold new members into it? A/E-1
(we did decide at this meeting that we do of course welcome any other
interested members and for right now we need at least one more meeting to
stabilize our container and to “coordinate our maps” so to speak-meaning,
we are holding a vision and want to be able to share it coherently and to
figure out how to best hold all of us within that vision. we are still self-
identifying to a certain extent. this may not be clear enough and we are
open to elaboration.)

-do we address activist “security culture” and if so, then how? F/A-3/4

-what is the relationship of the Reclaiming Principles of Unity to
FAWC, the wellness culture WG, the Wellness Space? A/E-1/2
(specifically around issues of anti-oppression work and its value and
priority in the camp culture, also with regards to the understanding
of the interlocking systems of oppression and how we may or may
not choose to hold that in camp or organizing)

-what is the drug and alcohol “policy”? E/A/W-1
(we are in contact with glimmer and chuck from welcoming and
registration about this-
initial thoughts: what is the conversation around: advertising/overt
information sharing, people in recovery, what does it mean to “self-
medicate”?, do we have anything to offer about the when and where,
ritual experience, designating camping areas to support everyone’s
is this a question of yes/no or how best to plan for and respond to?)

-preparing for specific instances of: abuse of power-acting from power over,
non-cooperative behavior (within organizing as well as within camp) and
predatory behavior, specifically sexually predatory behavior A/F-1
(what is path? what have we learned? how do we implement any protocols,
processes and consequences (without punishing or shaming) wisely?
suggestion: to craft (or borrow a well crafted) consent policy as an active
step towards the creation of safer spaces that are also sex positive

-last year Andy was blocked from joining the organizing for camp 2009, A/E-1
has there been any consideration for his potential reentry for 2010?
without invoking any specific potential outcome or assigning any value
to it,
or speculating that it may or may not be as it was before…
how would we as current
organizers like to hold conversation about this possible situation?
are there conversations that might want to be had, agreements outside
what we
currently have to consider?

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