Wellness Elemental Mandala

The Well - a grassroots wellness/healthcare cooperative: a center that
provides services, teaches others these skills, provides a useable
template and is available as a mobile response team for actions/disasters.

Earth/North: Physical Health
Incorporates elements of:
- herbs, nutrition, naturopathy
- midwifery
- bodywork – massage, acupuncture/pressure, energy work
- creating a healthy environment (clearing toxins, use of space)
- naturalist and ‘primitive’ skills – wild magic
- permaculture and food craft
- hearth tending

Air/East: Communication/Community Health
Incorporates elements of:
- conflict resolution and mediation – non-violent communication,
restorative justice, restorative rituals
- community culture structures and agreements and taboos (The Code) i.e.
decision making process, processes for maintaining responsibility and
accountability, communication guidelines, ethics/vision, ‘membership’,
systems of exchange/economics/ownership/contribution ect., transparency
of power/leadership within an anarchist frame
- cross-pollination/networking/weaving the blanket – what are our
connections to other communities/cultures? (the map)

Water/West: Emotional/Mental Health
Incorporates elements of:
- counseling, trauma therapy, expressive arts therapy, earth healing –
space for grief, rage, numbness, fear and building intimacy etc.

Fire/South: Earth Protection/Activism/Justice
Incorporates elements of:
- safety/protection
- direct action
- dismantling
- decolonization
- creating alternatives
- environmental restoration (clean-up/caretaking)
- strategy/training/organizing/providing resources
- teaching/mentorship/unlearning
- sacred eroticism – values on sex, intimacy, love and gender expression

Spirit/Center: Weaving/Devotion/Celebration
Incorporates elements of:
- celebration/devotion – the wheel of the year, moon cycles, ecstatic trance
- rites of passage – birth, death, initiation, menarche, etc.
- the arts –music, dance, play, crafting, visual, poetry, storytelling,
- listening, visioning, strategizing, acting (the moon mandala)
- story – creating common mythology/identity
- the council

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