Wellness Culture Wg Notes April 17 09

Wellness Culture WG notes April 17, 2009
Present: Rebecca, Seneca, rain

We took all the items from our first meeting that we deemed first
priorities and began to understand, through mapping them, how some were
related to each other, or facets of one essential issue. We reaffirmed
that we want to bring conversations and proposals to the organizing cell
and we developed a process for our WG to attempt this bringing in. We
created a map of our WG infrastructure to support and encourage others
to join smoothly and with room to grow. We decided on two specific
proposals and named action items for each of the three of us to accomplish.

Details of the meeting follow:

The number ones from our first meeting:
Creation/continuance of an archive
Joining and leaving the organizer’s group
Establishing clear FAWC organizer’s communication agreements
How will this WG enfold others?
What is the relationship the Principles of Unity to both FAWC and this WG?
Clarity around drug/alcohol policy
Defining a protocol for abuse of power/power over behavior
Andy’s possible re-entry to the organizing group next year

Our thought process-
As we began to discuss these issues we came to the understanding that a
root would be to start with the establishment of communication
agreements for the organizing group.

From there we could potentially integrate these basic agreements into
the registration and orientation process, asking each participant to
accept this basic set of agreements that the organizers have (hopefully)
consensed upon.

From a basic set of communication agreements, we could then begin to
create processes and protocols that could address potential breaches of
agreements, such as mediation, restorative justice circles and listening
circles to name a few.

We decided that our process would follow this outline:
Call for Submissions
Review Submissions
Create and Offer Proposal

There will be a formal proposal for the establishment of communication
agreements for the organizing group in another email as well as on the
next call.

We also talked about the potential need for the creation of an archive
to hold all consensus decisions to date as well as ones that will come
to pass as we evolve our camp. This archive would be easily accessible
to all who might seek it. Perhaps it could be a link on the wiki, or
part of the registration information, or some other idea.
Our understanding is that a book has already been created and that this
archive would be strictly for our “bones”, our codex so to speak. That
way there can be more easily facilitated discussion about where we are
and how we came there.

There will be a formal proposal for the creation/continuance of an
archive of our bones in another email as well as on the next call.

I have attached the basic elemental mandala as created by Rebecca that
has become our template for organizing the many facets of camp wellness
culture. We are continuing to revise it to be FAWC specific. It is
through this mandala that we envision others to join and there will be
more information forthcoming.

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