Theme & Story

Theme and Story Working Group (TSWG)

Bottomline and facilitate the co-creation of the Theme/Story for Free Activist Witch Camp.

• Create and implement the process thru which the Theme/Story will be co-created. Some examples might be dreaming, visioning, processing the visions, etc. (more about this below).
• Communicate with the coordination workgroup and other organizers throughout the process via conference calls.
• Consense upon the theme/story in time for it to be used for promotional materials such as flyers, shout outs and website as well as in time for future teachers to work with the energy well in advance of camp.
• Carry the theme/story throughout camp through participation & planning of some all-camp rituals, altars, and other magical and organizational workings as needed.

Process for Co-Creating the Theme for FAWC 2008:
Last year, the Theme and Story Workgroup facilitated and bottom-lined the co-creation of the Theme, which emerged as The Pentacle of the Great Turning. This Theme was used to create all-camp rituals, influenced Path choices, and served as a connecting thread between all the different activities at camp.

a. The first step was to create a strong container and general energy for the Theme/Story. In a series of conference calls, we came up with a process that we hoped would invite participation from the entire camp community, and would utilize our witchy skills to access information from other allies / energies, to create the theme for camp.
b. The second step was to send out an invitation for all-camp visioning about Theme/Story. We asked members of the camp community, old and new, to spend Brigid (Imbolc) eve in some sort of visioning process and then to send us their visions, in whole or fragmented form, prose or poetry, raw or with interpretation.
c. We then reviewed and reflected upon the large groups’ visions and synthesized the energy into a comprehensive Theme. This involved a bit of individual work, email, and conference calls. Each call, we saw the pentacle emerge more and more clearly, although there was also a fair amount of working and re-working to make it a cohesive tool that we felt would best serve the camp community. We also touched bases with members of the teaching team and coordinating workgroup at this point to feel out their questions and concerns.
d. Finally, TSWG presented Theme to larger Organizing Group for final revision. It was consensed in by the Organizing Cell and relayed to the Communication Cell, who got the word out on flyers, emails, etc. It was also sent to the Teaching Team so that they could begin working with it for Paths and the Arch of the Week.

What to expect this year:
This working group will definitely bridge the worlds of magic (visioning, dreaming, weaving) and the mundane (email, conference calls, etc)! We will need to work more intensely in the fall and early winter, and then less in the spring, because the Theme/Story for camp is one of the earlier decisions the Organizing Cell needs to make as it influences Teacher Selection and Communications in very deep ways. At camp, it is our intention to have this workgroup transition to being a Ritual Facilitation Workgroup, which would bottom line the organization of the nightly ritual planning process. The exact details of what that means and how that would happen are a bit cloudy, but it is our intention nonetheless.

Blessings and blissings,

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