Teacher Selection Working Group Meeting January 6th Notes

FAWC TSWG Meeting January 6, 2009

Present: Jude, Riyanna, Jason

Priestessing & Elements Teaching Team Process
Call for Path applications
Next Meeting

Call for Path Applications:
We need to create a call for path applications specifically requesting
proposals for pixie/youth path.
In our call we should iterate:
These are some of the paths that have been offered at FAWC in the
past: Hearth Path, Community Co-creative Path, Eros & Justice, Iron
Pentacle, Elements and Activism, Magical Activism, etc. (please send
suggestions to me a.s.a.p.)
Jude will take a look at VWC's and draft this and send to the rest of
us by Friday.
I'll forward to Amara/communications work group to include in the
Mailing that goes out around Imbolc.

We should write another letter to folks who are interested in applying
to teach Priestess Path or Elements (or other Reclaiming core class)
at FAWC this year inviting a letter of intention explaining why they
might be interested. We should make it clear we don't guarantee any
pay to our teachers. We can send this to:
FAWC org cell list
Free Social list
As well as those who apply through the Reclaiming Poof site.
Riyanna has offered to draft this and send to the rest of us.

Next Meeting:
Tuesday, January 13, 2009 5pm. P.S.T., 8pm E.S.T.

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