Sites That Don T Work For Us

Gifford Pinchot Forest:

*Chambers Lake* – no ritual meadow site, parking slim

*Beaver Campground (aka Beaver Group Camp)*
Very close to busy Wind River Hwy. The riverside is lovely, but the
rest of the site is very developed and bland. Its a paved semicircle
with the usual rv sites with table and fire ring. Has a central mowed
lawn. Also has vault toilets and swing set. No ritual area and no
containable spaces for paths.

*Peterson Prarie Group Camp*
This is a closed-off (but only slightly) group section of a very large
developed campground. The group area is all in 50-60 year old fir
trees, but with nothing else at all growing in an area about 2 acres
in size. Vehicles can and do pull right into the camp zone. There
would be no privacy whatsoever for anyone. Paths would have to be in
the open main area. Has flush toilets. Decent ritual meadow, but very
close to the main campground.

*Cold Spring Indian Camp (not to be confused with Cold Spring Lk)*
Secluded site, well off the main rd, lots of space for campers,
hearth, ritual and probably paths, surrounded by beautiful subalpine
forest… But it was filthy and felt totally icky. A badly abused
site. There was a lot of human refuse; abandoned and stripped
vehicles, decaying tarps, junk camp stoves and sundry garbage. There
was also the pole frame of what's probably a seasonal native or
hunter's hearth. No known water and no obvious privies.

*Meadow Cr Indian Camp*
Teeny-tiny, way too small. Right on the road and no water or spaces
for anything but 3 or 4 cars and about as many tents.

Tillamook State Forest:

*Canal Creek* – gravel road through the site, good site for lots of RVs, no real canopy to speak of, creek is low level, didn’t find a swimming hole. This seems like a last resort site

Mt Hood National Forest:

*Kinzel Lake* – gorgeous and perfect and now in wilderness area, so no permits are permitted for large groups. At the end of a very rutted dirt road that is really only passable by high clearance vehicles

Willamett NF (Blue River Ranger Dist)

*Strube Flat*
Ugly 6-7 ac gravel lot surrounded by recent scrubby 2nd growth
vegetation. No water for sustenance or bathing. Adjacent to busy road.

(McKenzie Ranger Dist)
*Horse Cr Group Camp*
Pretty forest location adjacent to Horse Cr. Has open ritual space,
plus hearth space. Its a gated gravel loop with at least 50 camp sites
each consisting of a flat gravel rectangle (rv sized), iron fire
ring/grille and picnic table - these camp sites are the only areas
that would be suitable for paths. Amenities include vault toilets, a
swing set and horse shoes (the game).

*Clark Creek*
Ancient trees and beautiful cave, has water, pre-existing structures for camping, kitchen. There is a large meadow but it's visible from the road, and there are a few campgrounds in this area. There is a quiet time of 10p - 6a that could be a challenge. This site is geared to host 80 at the max, with bunk cabins but not a lot of tent space. Most of the forest tent spaces would be used for path, I think. It's reservable via, but is a popular site so would need to be reserved as soon as it is available.
Borders burned forest area with trails.

Siskiyou National Forest

*Chinquipan* (Possible Back-Up)
Is in the Siskiyou National Forest 7 miles from the Oregon Caves National Monument. It's located behind the Cedar Guard Station, which opens up to a grassy meadow with several pic-nic tables, a firering, two water faucets, and contained bathroom, and two seats placed nearby. The ritual meadow is slightly visible from the road, and there's also a lesser traveled road that travels along the campsite, exposing it slightly. It was water, firepit, a creek, it's accessible. There's a slightly graded grass meadow covered with lupine next to the green one, and if you follow back thru the forest (with some camping areas) there are two bigger meadows that are also covered in grass and lupine. There are some shaded understory areas for tending and or path. There's also a trail. That goes further up the creek area. Accross the road, the creek enters into a small river (Illinois?) or larger water mass

*Sam Brown*
Beautiful space. There's 20+ campsites following a loop, with several shitters spaced throughout the campground, incl. campground host. There's two entrances to a set of trails, one with the parking lot, and one from inside the campground. There are pre-existing bathrooms, water faucet & creek nearby. The meadow is along the road, and there are several spaces for path. Next to the campground is what appears to be the groupsite. It includes a covered kitchen/dining pavilian and a large meadow. The Siskiyou NF is still in a conversation about the logistics of renting the pavilian as a group site. From my understanding the camp sites aren't reservable, altho (according to the ranger) we could deter potential campers with signage warning of a large group.

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