Site Selection Process 09

april 7/09

I will not be able to make the call tonight but have some

the permits for x and x are both in. It
seems a sure fit for x, but the contact for x is
out of the office, so I'm still hanging out to see what his
verdict is. When I know more, I'll send the word along.

Just want to make a note about sites: in either case — x
or x— we are going to have a transport / carry in issue
around getting ourselves and our stuff to our spot because of
either the road or a mile hike in.

Because I've been only watching on email this progression of
organizing, I'm not sure who else is keeping an eye on these
pieces for our arrival. It'd be good to start connecting on
these physical things as well as the welcome committee /

Can someone help me connect to the appropriate people?

In addition, if the group is considering a spring visit to the
Oregon sites, I imagine the roads in Mt Hood will be clear in
the next few weeks, so I'd propose trying to set a MAY weekend

april 9/09

Hi all,

Got a phone call from the folks at Mt Hood:

Kinzel Lake, on Hunchback Mountain, was just included in HR
146, which designated over 200,000 more acres in Oregon as
protected wilderness area.

So, this means that we will NOT be able to use Kinzel Lake as
our site for this year. (Forest Service rules mandate no more
than 12 beating hearts together at one time in nationally
protected wilderness.)

Both my contacts in Mt Hood Forest and in Umpqua Forest have
high regard for our group, lots of trust for our practices of
leave no trace!

So here are our options:

The fellow at Mt Hood said he would fax me some maps and other
options in the Mt Hood area with the specifications that we
want/need — water, away from street, within 3 hours of PDX,
space for 100 to gather, etc. So we can wait and see what
those options are and visit the sites in June when the snow
melts. (kinda last minute for this year but definitely good for
the future)


We can wait for the xxx permit to be approved and go
there. The permit is still in the hands of the forest, though
I imagine its a sure thing.


in solidarity,

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