Sam Brown

Sam Brown (39) Siskiyou NF - The campground is beautiful. There's 20+ campsites following a loop, with several shitters spaced throughout the campground, incl. campground host. There's two entrances to a set of trails, one with the parking lot, and one from inside the campground.

There's doesn't seem to be a hearth fire space, unless we brought our own firepan and that was approved by the forest service.

Accessibility - 5 - also drivable. Is 20 miles (12 miles single paved road) from I-5 (Merlin Exit 61), 20 miles from 199 Briggs Valley road (altho six is unpaved that way - all single lane)
Shit - 5 - pre-existing bathrooms
Water - 5 - spout and stream that runs near site
Hearth - 5 - outdoor firering, kitchen building extension pass thru, covered dining structure
Meeting space - 5 could use meadow or temple space
Meadow - 5 - beautiful meadow, only prob it's right along the road
Camping - 4 Multiple campsites
Path - 4 - at least 3 quickly found.
Container 1 - would be seen from road, other campsites in area so it would probably be a factor for our proposed camp time, can not be reserved

There appears to be the possibility of the pavilion, the amphitheater, and the day use site as the group site. From my understanding the camp sites aren't reservable, altho we could deter potential campers with signage warning of a large group.

39 Total - scouted by jp 10/09

Relevant Information

Q: I wanted to know if the Sam Brown site can be rented as an group site, or is it only available as single campsite rentals? Also, could we gather in the large meadow next to the site for meetings?

A: You can rent the group site area around the pavillions and the amphitheater, and camp around them. Let me check on the meadow, The campsites are first come first serve, and must remain so, although we could deter potential campers with signage warning them of a large group.

Q: couple follow up questions about Sam Brown campground. Did you ever find out if we could gather in the meadow near the group site if we rented it out? Also, what is the rental for the group site as well as the individual sites? Would we have the options of renting campsites as well?

A: We have discussed the idea of offering up the pavilion, amphitheater and day use area at the Sam Brown Campground as a group use site that could be reserved but have never finalized it. Recently there have been other requests, so it is something we need to look into further and make a decision.

The rest of the campground would still be operated as first come first serve, so there not be many other sites available and other visitors would still be in the area. Ideally it would be nice to accommodate your group in a location that other users would not be in, such as a group site that can be reserved.

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