Hi folks,

First, please note that this page is publicly viewable. It's not linked in any obvious way from anywhere, but it could be found. So only put info here that you're OK with someone finding out.

Second, let's try and use this to self-coordinate our rides to FAWC. As all registered folk know, the directions are to go to Roseburg on the I-5, and then take smaller roads into the mountains. Many folk are flying into Portland. Do note that you can take the Greyhound bus from Portland to Roseburg (http://greyhound.com): on July 31 buses leave and arrive: 06:30am - 11:10am, 12:20pm - 05:00pm, 06:40pm - 10:35pm, and 11:45pm - 03:35am. Please note under rides needed if you will be doing this, and when you'll need a ride.

So first we need:

Folk willing to shuttle to/from Roseburg (including the days you're available)

  • Wynn
  • Rozie
  • Moondancer has room for 6 from Roseburg afternoon of 31th (glimmer has her contact info)

Rides Offered

Format: Where from, when, who offered, how many seats, who took. (Move the entry down to "taken" after the ride is full.)

Still space

  • SEATTLE, July 29, Wynn and dog, 1 or 2 - direct contact email: moc.liamtoh|7_cjw#moc.liamtoh|7_cjw
  • BERKELEY, Scott, 1 or 2
  • EUGENE, Rozie
  • SAN FRANCISO July 31 (2 seats left!)-contact chuck @ moc.liamg|waperialc#moc.liamg|waperialc
  • PORTLAND, 29th + 31st -Matthew (not attending camp) has offered to shuttle folks from portland to roseburg for 30$ (15$ for kids). van fits about 5-6. contact amara— moc.oohay|sdeeshtnarama#moc.oohay|sdeeshtnarama for more info.
  • OLYMPIA/PORTLAND/EUGENE— July 31 with Heron- moc.oohay|lrrrglevartyeh#moc.oohay|lrrrglevartyeh

Rides full

  • PORTLAND, July 31, Brenna, 1 (2 if you're tiny) (Captain and Peti are going to squeeeeze in)

Rides Needed

Format: Where from, when, who needs. (Remove the entry and add your name to the ride above when you get one.)

  • PORTLAND, July 28, brush
  • PORTLAND, July 29-31, Kate
  • PORTLAND, July 31, Galatea
  • TWIN LAKES to Portland- pm on 8th or early am on 9th Captain
  • BC (Kamloops), shadowcrow7
  • BC (Kamloops), Jillian +1
  • BC, July 31, Larkin
  • Portland, July 30 Crystalline
  • ROSEBURG, July 30, 10:35pm, Gabriel +1- We're arriving by Greyhound
  • CHICO, July 31, Meagan 5303547494
  • FAWC to Portland, 7th August, joel
  • FAWC to Olympia WA, August 7th Margaritte
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