The following is a list of resources we've used to procure food for our Witchcamp the two times it has been in southern oregon. Unless we are gathering there, we'll want to find food ordering resources that are aligned with our values and accessible from where we choose to have camp. This would include contacting local organic farms in the area to source our produce from. Also, we might explore Azure standard more closely, because they are local to Cascadia.

United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) - Non-GMO, Bulk; Carries Organic and Natural products. Out of Rocklin, CA. notes: We used Wolf Creek's login to order the last two years. If we choose to use UNFI again, it may be prudent to create our own account with them.

Blue Fox Farm Organics - Local organic farm in Applegate Valley, will deliver to Saturday Market in Grants Pass, possible other markets in the area. Jagger, (541) 621-1242, moc.liamg|mrafxofeulb#moc.liamg|mrafxofeulb,

Farmer Ben - Local farmer in Grants Pass. Provided all our kale, plus some farm eggs. Contact the Sanctuary for contact.

Saturday Market Weekly Saturday market, runs May - October. F St & 4th St, Grants Pass - (541) 476-5375

Local Stores in Grants Pass area
Gooseberries - ecological friendly, most products natural or gmo. They host a selection of sustainably raised meat.
1533 Northeast F Street, Grants Pass (541) 471-2700
The Farmer's Market locally owned, most produce sourced from Fresh express
603 Rogue River Highway, Grants Pass - (541) 474-0252
The Grocery Outlet hit or miss, small organic selection
350 Northeast Agness Avenue, Grants Pass, (541) 476-2245

Other Resources
Bob"s Red Mill In 08, in addition to a generous donation of dry goods, they let us purchase additional goods at wholesale.
Azure Standard - Quality bulk foods and produce, emphasis on organic and sustainably produced. Meat available, but only frozen. Located just west of Mt. Hood in Oregon.

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