FAWC 2009 Orientation Guide

Welcome to camp.

Where is general and specific information about camp located?

  • maps
  • message board
  • feedback box
  • the grid for camp
  • the schedule space for optional offerings
  • a copy of this guide for reference
  • camp budget ??


  • what to consider when selecting a campsite-
  • impact
  • access and proximity to camp activities
  • volume of your activities/your neighbors activities
  • discretion around personal choices


  • who is Seeds of Peace?
  • where is the kitchen?
  • when are meals?
  • what kind of food will be offered?
  • what is the sanitation protocol for being served?
  • can I donate food/money?
  • special needs
  • helping out


  • where is it available?
  • is it filtered/how is it filtered?
  • should one attempt to use the camp filter?
  • is there a sanitation protocol for putting water into personal container?

Bodily Elimination (pee and poo disposal):

  • where can I go pee/poo?
  • how do the buckets work?
  • how does the trench work?
  • what if the trench/bucket is full?
  • what if I can?t squat?
  • should I bury my TP?


  • how do I make the least amount of it?
  • where does it go?
  • is there a camp recycle?
  • how do I take extra home with me?

Health and Well-Being:

  • where is the Wellness Space?
  • what is offered there?
  • what could I offer there?
  • who is a medic/first aid person?
  • who offers other skills/services?
  • what if I feel ill?
  • what if I am in conflict?

Basic Awareness:

  • dehydration
  • sun exposure
  • altitude change
  • water safety
  • fire safety


  • purpose
  • how to choose
  • what to expect
  • expected level of engagement
  • children?


  • with what awareness do I come ritual space?
  • where will they be?
  • what time will they be?
  • what should I wear?
  • how can I be a part of planning/enacting ritual?
  • what does a guardian/dragon do for ritual?
  • what doesn?t work for ritual?
  • children?

Camp Culture:

  • presence and engagement
  • intentionality
  • dedicated safer space for all beings
  • principles of unity
  • eco-social justice emphasis
  • do it yourself consciousness (DIY)
  • ask for/offer help consciousness (mutual aid and solidarity)
  • personal autonomy balanced with collective accountability
  • we all priestess this camp, even if from the edge
  • security culture?

Camp Organization:

  • wiki/transparency/notes/information
  • voluntary organizer identification
  • working groups
  • welcoming/registration
  • comms/outreach
  • theme and story
  • facilitator selection
  • logistics
  • financial
  • camp culture crew and well cell
  • decision making
  • consensus process


  • web pages
  • organizations
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