Organizers Call March 3

present: brush, amara, rain, ross, glimmer, jason
working group check ins:
afternoon grid
timeline check in
face to face

finance— calliope is not able to continue working on finance. we need someone to bottom line finance working group. invite us all to call out to people we might know who would be willing to work on finance wg.
glimmer has a suggestion that folks donate little bits here and there.
communications- - crafting call out letter. sent out call to teachers for paths to lists and emails. call for community paths can be sent to many people.
by the end of the week we will have full announcement for camp.
website should be updated along side, in another week.
change the call language for specific audiences.
facilitation selection wg— invitations sent out to community led paths, invitations sent to reclaiming teacher paths— elements and priestessing. a few applications have come in. no decisions have been made yet.
proposals should be in by april 1st!
site selection— applications are complete for kinzel lake, not sure if it's sent out yet.
also sent application to twin lakes as second choice.
jason has been talking to george about the insurance policy. usually there is insurance for fawc, which will cost 100$. there might be specific registration needed to cover insurance for all people. need to get money over to george who is contact person for insurance of camps.
co-ordinations wg— we've had a hard time meeting over last couple weeks. things are working, and we're ready if they aren't…
logistics— two meals a day for seeds— believes the decision was breakfast and dinner.
no more news about water system. whoever has been to the site should speak to water crew to figure out elevation etc for setup. brush would be happy to consult water stuff.
connect with pavini about water.
registration/ welcoming- - brenna is very pregnant, and is not very motivating about the wg. haven't heard from aiobhell. need someone on it.
glimmer would be willing to be on the registration wg.

Afternoon grid:

proposal: to give more space for natural affinities to form during open space/optional offering time skill sharing time, affinity group time be structured around contributing to community. every day there will be a heart circle for sharing and hearing for those that desire it. therefor, afternoons will consist of working affinity group time, heart circles, optional offerings.

this proposal will be sent to email list to be discussed and formally brought up for consensus decision next call.

brush takes over note taking here

organizers call, 3/3/09


face to face

ross had lots of fun at f2f at his house, wants it there again, offering
his space. maybe middle of april?

also thoughts (esp. barbara and joel) about wanting it to be near
portland, closer to the space (maybe at the space or a trip there?)

what about snow? around 4500 ft — snow in april may not be too deep?
early or mid may would be better?

should we put out call to have it in/around portland (or at site), early
or mid-may, when are folk most available?


seems like we're doing pretty well on things. even if f2f doesn't
happen, it will still work.

april 1 is deadline for proposals (community-led or path facil)

story invite is going out in a week, website updated same time-ish.

site application( s) are done, maybe gone out already.

need to get reg/welcoming group going, glimmer is up for it, need

need to get finance person.

t-shirts? not really

witch camp council coming up email meeting next week. anything to add?


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