Organizers Call June 30

hey y'all
here are the minutes from the (very lovely) organizers call june 30th (sorry it took a couple days to bust 'em out)
present on call— rebecca, rain, pavini, amara; scarecrow and brush come along later

no formal facilitator or time keeper… we're all holdin' it down

begin by checking in, calling on collective energy of fawc.

Pavini- brings some questions from logistics cell:
*Do we have insurance? do we need it?
—there is the possibility of insurance through mothership cell.
once brush comes on, he shares that in the past we've gotten insurance through reclaiming, it had been necessary to get a site permit. talk to George Franklin.

*Health + medical treatment; Who will have cell phones? Where do they work? Do we have radios? Where would emergency medical treatment happen if we need it, how do we get there?
Rain will investigate!
Rain + Barbara have wilderness first responder training, amara has first aid training, Chuck?

*What information do we need to present at the welcome/intro to camp meeting?

Health + Safety:
- find out who has cell phones
- emergency procedures
- who has medic skills
- water safety— no swimming alone at night , etc
- dealing with our poop!

who are organizers
who are 'safe' people - go to if you need help have an issue,
folks to talk to for peer counselling/ support etc
first timers/folks who came alone
make buddy systems

Seeds of Peace
say their piece…

Camp Culture
who we are, what goes on at camp— creating safe magical space, pronouns, consent etc

…. what else?

— could we make some hard copies of some of this information to help orient folks?

[Scarecrow comes on the call now with updates about facilitation selection process. we broke to talk about it, he had limited phone time, to keep with the flow for these notes, it's at the end of the logistics stuff]

*Adding to list of what folks should bring to camp:
-anyone showing up pre-august 1 will need to bring food (seeds is only cooking 1-7). We'll ask that folks can bring big amounts of food to share, snacky stuff, etc.
-also, bring food to supplement kitchen and provide lunches.
-personal water filter— so far we have no all-camp water filtration system
-bring personal eating utensils, plates, bowls etc
- first aid supplies, medic skills, hand sanitizer, let's ask for a response before camp- who can bring these things?

can't legally dig trenches on-site. logistics is willing to negotiate this rule, with barbara's consent; their name is on the permit, someone will contact barbara.
brush said in past there were appropriate places to shit off of the cultural sensitivity sites.
- ask folks to bring a personal shit bucket if they can
- logistics to bring a few 5 gallon buckets to support folks who can't use the trenches.

*Shlepping stuff:
how will we help folks shlepp stuff in?—
call out for: carts/wheelbarrows/ bike carts
volunteer sign up list

amara will send email to fawcsocial/registra nts + get site updated with more of what to bring/ as for responses for certain items— who are medics, who can bring wheel barrows etc, who can donate food, who will help shlepp…

Scarecrow comes on the call— updates about facilitation team selection process:
*All teachers and paths are confirmed, with the exception of youth path. last year Buck and Greg said they would do it, but no one's been able to get in touch with them lately. rumour is they're at Star's land…

paths: co-created path, elements, singing path, priestessing path

  • Question: Who is responsible for creating arc of the week? theme+ story? Priestessing path? facilitation team?

proposal: the arc of the week be open to be created by whoever is willing to commit to the process. could folks get to camp a few days early and work through it there? if anyone has interest in this, show up on the 28th to begin.

rain will be there before the 28th, scarecrow + pavini arrive 29th, rebecca 30th, amara 28th or 29th?

*Question from Glimmer/registratio ns- there are 28 people registered! Glimmer hasn't received any money or information about donations. — brush can help out

*We need to formally consent as organizing cell on teaching team… shall we do it now?
no questions or concerns…
we reach an energetic, super hot, orgasmic consensus YES YES YES YES! oh yes.
yay teaching team.

aw yeah.

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