Organizers Call April 7

Call at 6 pm pst. Next call scheduled for 4/28 at 6pm pst.

Amara facilitates, Ross notes, Jude, Riyana, Brush, Glimmer also on call.

Action Items;

Amara will schedule conference call on conference call website so it might be easier to get on the call next time.

Amara will call for update on facilitator selection.

Ross will call for update on site application.

Ross will research Brightenbush cost and propose f2f dates on elists.

Glimmer will coordinate a communication working group call.

Brush will check his Brightenbush connections for community support when the f2f date is set and is a resource for website continuity.


Check in and welcome sacred space.

F2F for May near Kinzel Lake. Possibly the week before or after Memorial Day weekend. Brightenbush Hotsprings is close and a possible meeting place.

Website is presently down due to loss of server. Laurel from ecell will help set it up on server for We should be able to keep same site name.

Registrations are coming in, no money so far.

Open afternoons, consensus on;

proposal: to give more space for natural affinities to form during open space/optional offering skill sharing time, affinity group time be structured around contributing to community. every day there will be a heart circle for sharing and hearing for those that desire it. therefor, afternoons will consist of working affinity group time, heart circles, optional offerings etc, with a desire for registration/ welcoming and well cell to anchor space for affinity group formations and heart circles.

Sweet connection was noted as the personal experience of the call, we really liked talking to each other.

trusting and building community together,

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