Organizer's Call 9-29-08

Notes from FAWC Organizers Call 9-29-08

Facilatator: Joel
Notes: Glimmer

Members on call:
JP Heartsong

Working Group status updates:
e WG:
4 people working on this but nothing to report on yet.
Communications WG:
We had our first call last week and are excited to begin working on a multitude of linking and communicative things such as facilitating discussion around what is FAWC vision, communicating and outreach to people in the community, events and other WC, talking about keeping communication flowing between all of the WG, fundraising schemes and more. Glimmer is working on a camp evaluation form which will be shared with organizers when it’s ready. Amara and Gabriel are excited about creating art for posters and other communications once we have theme for camp. We are hoping to begin “marketing” and outreach communications sooner than later this year and we will be working closely with other WG to make sure we stay on top of timeline for communications.
Logistics WG:
Food: Seeds of Peace has been emailing back and forth with this WG and they have answer for us soon re when they will be available to do food for us next year.
Site selection: 2 sites came to top of list so far in the site selection process. One is Twin Lakes. The other site is Kinsel Lake, described as a smaller meadowy area on the edge of forested wilderness, 2000 feet elevation, rocky land outside of meadow, drivable up to location if you have right type of vehicle. There are a couple of other possible sites also that WG will consider if neither one of these sites works out. Deadline for forest permit is Nov 1 so decision on site selection should be made soon.
Coordination WG: is meeting regularly and working on figuring out best way to keep everything coordinated.
Facilitation WG: needs a couple more people to work in this group. Glimmer and Ross and Joel all offered to step up and help with/join group as needed. Glimmer is interested in joining group with mentorship from Laura (if Laura is willing).

Decisions / Action Items:
• Glimmer and Scarecrow will go to WitchCamp Council as reps for FAWC. WitchCamp Council is Nov 14-15 in Minnesota this year.
• Ross will post information to organizer’s list about available dates that Seeds of Peace can do food for us next year. He will ask everyone to think of possible other camps, actions, or other events happening around this time so that we can try to make sure we choose a date without conflicts. Dates will most likely be within parameter of end of July into early August.
• Ross will also post information about the sites being considered so that people can ask questions or get more facts about the two top sites being considered. Site selection process will be completed within next two weeks.
• Riyana will post to the organizer’s list a suggestion that we meet for our face-to-face meeting sometime around the weekend of Dec 4-7th. She will suggest Bay Area for the place to meet and ask for feedback.
• Finance WG will tell us if they think the issue of whether or not it would be easier for FAWC finances if we become a legal entity. They will also make sure they are on track for timeline re sending checks for insurance, Seeds of Peace, etc.
• Team Facilitation WG needs to get started if we are to meet timeline to find teachers. Goal is to have final team suggestion by Nov 30th. Joel and Glimmer will get in touch with Laura about this. Ross offered to help with this WG also.
• Next organizer’s call will be on Monday, Oct 13, 6 p.m. PDT, 8p.m. CDT, 9p.m. EDT. Agenda will be to consensus on site selection decision. Get report from Ross on Sister’s grant and other agenda items to be determined.

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