Org Cell Notes August 17, 2010
  • August 17 2010 conference call notes

barbara - facilitation, dawn - notes, julie anamora - time keeping

list of persons on call /check in

pavini san fran.w/kids/ glorious

carissa NC moonlight/warm

dawn HI. tired/excited

joel port. excited

jonas eugene happy/thunderstorm

glimmer minn. grounded and settled

barbara port. fantastic,sunkissed/pool/sun

rebecca port. feeling well /unpacking

meddle port feeling well/unpacking

troll port.weathered/excited

song N ? weaving a wreath//happy

julie wash. stressful day

rain vermont feels the presence of the elements

nora bee ? feels good

bird CH happy/accomplishment

riyana berkeley ,great /pickling for the first time

julie vancouver island /trouble at border

ross distracted

jp portland , baking

jude vermont no check in

gabriel ? no check in

circle cast as checkins

Agenda Items

work groups /mentoors/contacts

Input /camp process /logistics

social network


public disclosure

dates for face to face

dandelion/ including name /story and andy

questions raised

what is the formal layout for the consensus process ?

how to name the camp ?

what is the disclosure plan and story ?

public disclosures about the transformation of camp fawc 2010

story was disclosed to starhawk via rain

a synopsis will go out to the general public thru the website

witchcamp council to be notified / contacted

put past and present members of camp on a yahoo group , see peti for past lists

post to the wiki for organizational and record keeping purposes

wiki is defined as the place to post for the camp workings and recordkeeping

website is for the general public

working group for the story of the camp





barbara to contribute notes from camp

this group will work on drafting the story and will have this available in approx. one week from today 8/17/2010, the group will then send out the letter to a larger group and will ask for input etc. the hope is to have the final story ready before Sept. 8 2010.

Consensus reached

Dandelion / birch

partial list of those who will attend





riyana and jason 80 % going





gambit ?

barbara ?


this group will self organize and come up with a plan if the need arise to interact with andy

this group will also be bringing the story of the transformation of 2010 camp to birch as well

Rain asked to note the differences between a public disclosure story and the Camp

story and essence of the camp may contain different nuances and flavors .

barbara will set up a doodle

consensus reached

agenda items

social list

face to face time etc.


naming camp

ross mentor logistics

glimmer mentor registration

j/p/joel mentor hearth and sustenance

song mentor finance

nora bee mentor theme and story

mentors to contact all whom are interested and a larger call will be posted online as well as on the wiki .

consensus reached

The naming of camp

Jp will head an online group that will gear its work towards the full moon and for astral purposes. the intention is to come up with a small list of names to be divined by an oracle at a later time .

rain and riyana ask that the official naming not happen until after 8/28/2010 , so that they may be included in the final process

recapped by barbara

we will have sweet magik around the full moon in hopes of naming the camp. there will be an oracle process used with sensitivity around time and space so that we may grow into our new name and that it represents our core values.

soft consensus reached

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