November 10

November 10, 2010
On the call:
Bird, carissa, Dawn, jp hartsong, NoraBee, seraphina, Troll, Ross, Barbara
Facilitator: Bird, Notetaker: carissa, Timekeeper: jp hartsong


Co-created whispering elemental casting

Call Protocol reviewed from the F2F
- dial in early so we're all on the call at the start time
- use the mute when not talking to keep the noise down, and unmute when talking
-speak our name before speaking and say check at the end
-try to be concise and on topic
-facilitator will take stack frequently in order to keep folks from needing to interrupt each other to get on stack
- direct response goes immediately after speaker finishes

Agenda Building

List Consensed Decisions from F2F
(Please note that these wordings may not be exact and will be recorded more accurately in the notes from the F2F.)

~Pixie Path will be offered for the next two years
~Wellness will hold the family camp space
~the gold coin will be sold to get the money for the camp kitchen
~fundraising will be done to replace that money to keep as seed for next year
~Camp dates - July 10 -17
~New Camp name: Free Cascadia Witchcamp
~Ross and Bird as Witchcamp Council reps

Camp Dates

Discussion noted that at the F2F the camp dates had been decided by consensus but with inaccurate information about Peti's availability. When that information was corrected, an attempt was made to reopen the dates discussion. Some folks at the F2F felt that at this point the new information was discussed, but there was not a group willingness to reopen the consensus process and that consensus decision of the first set of dates would stand. It was noted that there were stand asides in these processes and that these were difficult discussions. It was also noted that someone felt that the process was not re-opened because there was not enough time.

It was noted that facilitators are being asked this year to be at camp 2 days early and stay one day after camp. It was also noted that camp dates effect working group time lines.

There was a reminder that dates were not meant to be a 'personal' choice around choosing between individuals or friends. It was noted more than once that there was discomfort around wanting everyone to be able to attend, and not wanting to be in position of 'choosing' between people with conflicts. A desire for having dates that were stable from year to year was expressed.

Concern was expressed about how we hold our consensus process regarding decisions we've already made. Parallels were drawn between this discussion and the name discussions.

Deep and loving concerns for Peti were expressed. Proposals were discussed and the following consensus was reached:

*Consensus Decision* 3 stand asides - We will delay announcing our dates for 1 week while Seraphina bottom lines a discussion and problem solving with Peti around the dates. In the absence of another proposal, we will move forward after one week.

Working Group Timelines

Logistics has nothing yet. Ross will put out a call soon and use email to develop a list of logistical site dependent and site independent things.
Trying to work what can be worked independent of waiting for other groups, but most of the work is done a few months prior to camp as much is site dependent.

Hearth is not solidified but will have a call in the next couple of weeks.
Finance will also try to solidify in the next couple of weeks.
Coordination requests all groups send a time line to coordination in the next three weeks so that coordination can build a combined timeline.
Comms has a 'rough draft' timeline and will send to the list.
Site Selection is working on scouting and info gathering and hopes to have timeline soon.

*Consensus - Timelines from working groups need to get to coordination working group within three weeks so they can make a larger timeline.**

F2F Notes

*Consensus - Barbara and NoraBee will create a report of the notes and decisions from F2F to be posted to freevolving within two weeks.**

Consensus Process

Discussed that the breakout sessions on email consensus, phone consensus, and in person consensus did not really finish the process of moving from identifying glitches to sharing as a whole group and problem solving. Noted that consensus process has been worked on/with for years. Noted a desire to break this into smaller chunks to work with to help us move our processes forward in a way that feels positive.

*Consensus -carissa as a representative of Wellness will make a call out for freedback from breakout groups of the F2F, individuals, and working groups for feedback on glitches or general feedback on consensus with a cut off of two weeks so that collected information can be compiled and brought back to the larger cell by the next call. **

ACTION ITEM - Barbara will add any unresolved items from the F2F to the next agenda.


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