Fundraising and Networking (Brainstorming Results)
[note: this is simply a list of ideas. Not all are supported by then entire group, none were
discussed in detail. Just thrown up onto paper in a quick brainstorming session.]

QUESTIONS/DISCUSSIO N resulting from our brainstorming session:
- are we to interface?
- Or be a cohesive one?
- What is our intent around networking?
- What are we about!?
- The wider the community the more that changes the magic.
- When we spoke about fundraising the issue of class came up around asking for money
how that might limit [or empower] people. We must explore the ethics of money.

Networking…who is our audience?
Earth first
Global Justice Movement
Green Bloc
Indigenous Communities*
Indigenous Environmental Network
Warm Springs Reservation near Kinzel Lake
The wilsons – folx they met on the Permie Bus Tour
Reclaiming community members
Green Mountain Center for Popular Education
Earth Activist Training
Anti-nuke movement
Black Mesa Indigenous Support
Labor Movements
Outside US Borders
Portland Revolutionary Assembly
Rewilding movements
Winter Count
People very connected to the woods…including "Red Necks"
Local Universities (near Camp Site)
Beehive Collective
Rhizome Collective
Genderqueer folk
Bread & Puppet
Deep Green Resistance
Rising Tide
Intertribal Communities
Climate Convergence

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