As of Wednesday, September 1st. Result of Doodle Polls.

Poll of keywords; 8 participants

7 wild

6 reclaiming, magic, camp

5 radical, cascadia

4 queer/queering, DIY, gift, moon, witch

3 mystery, magical, activist, warriors

2 decolonizing, free, earth, chrysalis

1 revolutionary, freely evolving/freevolving, co-created, tribe, portal

Poll of suggested Names; 16 participants

12 CAWC- Cascadia Activist Witch Camp: Radical Witches empowered by Gaia.
11 Wild Magic Camp
9 CWC- Cascadia Witch Camp: Reclaiming Activist Changing Gaia.
9 wild moon witchcamp
7 earth tribe witchcamp
6 Cedar Witchcamp
5 CRAFT - camp of radical activists freevolving together
5 The Portal
4 QRAWC - queer radical activist witch camp
4 Witches Reclaiming Activist Camp. WRAC.
4 Catalyst Witch Camp
4 Ourcamp
3 moon tribe witchcamp
3 Queering Radical Activist Witch Camp QRAWC
3 radical earth magic action/activist/anarchist camp remake
3 earth activists free witch camp. eafwc
3 Radical activist freevolving witch camp
3 Free Activist Reclaiming Training (FART)
3 RAWQC - radical activist witch queer camp.
3 CRAWFT - camp of radical activists (and) witches freevoling together
or camp of radical activist witches freevolving together
2 Co-Created Magic Camp for Gaia's Warriors.
2 earth activist freevolving witch camp
2 Radical Activst Portal Camp (RAP camp)
2 Miss B's Camp o Mystery
2 Freely Evolving Radical Activist Queer Witch Camp
2 DIYCamp
2 Raven Witchcamp
2 The Change
2 chrysalis camp
2 RAFTWAQ - radical activist freevolving together queer witchcamp
or radical activist freevolving together queering witch camp
1 Radical Earth Magic @ Camp (REMAKE)
1 Drag Camp — Decolonizing Radical Anarchist/Activist Gaia/Gift Camp
1 QWAC - queer witches and activists camping
1 Twin Raven Camp
1 revolutionary witchcamp
1 freevolving witch camp (late).
new moon witchcamp
free radical magical anarchist activist witch camp — written like a mathmatical formula (couldn't find the symbols on my comp to show)
free witch camp (late)
Witches Activists Radicals Synthesize WARS - oops, omitted from doodle.
Coyote Road Witch camp for Radical Activists.

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