The following was the proposed menu plan at the beginning of Witchcamp 2010. It was altered and shifted to meet the needs of the camp. Main Dishes, 6 dinners, 5 Lunches - 11 meals total. Breakfast was handled by an alternative crew.

We had 80 registered with 7 vegans, 21 vegetarians, 38 omnivores, and 15 unknown. 16 people were wheat free, 5 dairy free, and 1 corn free. Counting last minute registrants, the actual number of attendees was closer to a hundred.

Sunday Dinner:
Spaghetti w/Tomato sauce- Yummm
20 lbs of spaghetti noodles
5 lbs wheat free
Parmasan Cheese
Tomato sauce - 4 cans tomatoes, broccoli, zucchini, carrots, etc.
Braised Vegetables

Monday Lunch:
Miso soup
Green Salad w/vegetables

Monday Dinner: Night
Veggie Stir Fry - use brocolli
Basmati Rice - extra rice for tuesday lunch
Vegan Coleslaw

Tuesday Lunch:
Stir fry leftovers
Beet/Carrot Salad
3 bean/1 grain Salad
Green Salad w/vegetables

Tuesday Dinner:
Burrito Bar -
Black Beans, Brown rice, cheese, lettuce - cheese for this meal
Corn Chips
Green Salad w/Vegetables

Wednesday Lunch:
Burrito Bar leftovers
Rice/Bean Pilaf (leftover burrito bar)
Green Salad w/Vegetables

Wednesday Dinner:
Lentil Dahl - veggies
Braised Greens

Thursday Lunch:
Dahl Leftovers
Green Salad w/Vegetables
Carrot/Beet Salad

Thursday Dinner:
Potato Curry
Basmati Rice
Braised Greens

Friday Lunch:
Spaghetti (#2)
Cucumber Salad
Green Salad w/vegetables

Friday Dinner:
Vegan Chili - rest of veggies
Green Salad
Braised Vegetables

Saturday Lunch:

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