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march 4

hey all
i write this as the sun goes down golden, and the half moon begins to brighten in the eve…
as you can see i've sent this to Seneca as well, who will forward it onto the theme and story. I've been communicating with Seneca, and she with the t+s working group to get some clarity on what we're communicating about. I sent some of their emails along. They ask that we link references to the authors on the website. I also changed some more of the wording, including something mel wrote which is really beautiful. I feel like i'm pushing this, but Sen also agreed with my thoughts about the greek reference, and didn't like it's place in there. I really hope we can talk soon, it's a lot easier to connect that way…

much love

Free Activist Witch Camp: August 1-7, 2009

The Gaia Creation Story

Our Bodies
pulsing, bleeding, breathing, birthing, dying, cycling, harmonizing
Our Community
warriors, healers, predators, prey, white blood cells, bacterial culture, mycelium
Earth's story
turning,floods, fires, eruption, extinction, evolution, uprising, sacred balance
Our Path
networks, veins, roots, trails, tributaries
To Home
hearts, community kitchens, forests, villages, the multiverse

From Stardust, to all we know, the long journey through time has drawn us to here and now. Here in Gaia's arms as we continue the evolving journey.

This year at Free Activist Witch Camp, we weave the creation story of Gaia,
one of many names given to the Earth Mother. Gaia is Earth, a whole and intricate living organism, at one time worshiped in all cultures, by all people. It is from Her that all life is birthed and to whom all life returns when it dies.

In times and places outside of the dominant culture, humanity lived in balance and harmony with Gaia, conscious of our deep interconnectedness with all living things.

Symptoms of imbalance, war, disconnection, and oppression haunt the land. Many believe that globablly we are on the verge of collapse. There have been five recorded mass extinctions in Earth's story, we may be on the brink of the next. Culturally, systemically, communally, bodily what does this mean to us?

We come together with Gaia to celebrate and share the remembering of the ways we honor and love Mother Earth. Through Her, we return to our connectedness, with all life that is this planet. The microcosm of ourselves, our relationships, and our communities expands to include the macrocosm of Gaia. Together we walk a path back home.

May we find our place as we recognize ourselves as Gaia's cells working in
harmony, whatever our unique calling may be, to restore balance.

Together at Free Activist Witch Camp, we weave ourselves into the Gaia Story, embracing our connections with the Earth Mother and each other.

Come home with us.

We are all very excited to invite all the many communities that come to Free Activist Witch Camp this year, a young and vibrant camp constantly changing as we evolve.
Camp is a little different this year, specifically around the way which Paths are created…

We are currently inviting members of our community to propose paths that they would like to facilitate at FAWC 2009. That means you! Have an interesting path idea you would like to teach/ co-teach? Please submit your proposal no later than april 1st!

This year, to strengthen the integrity of our container, we are experimenting with a new gatekeeping process— The specific location of camp, a beautiful wilderness area in the central Cascades of Oregon, will be shared upon registration.

Seeds of Peace are returning, providing two hearty meals a day, breakfast and supper. Donations of food are greatly appreciated, and make our meals much merrier and more abundant!

We are the Free Activist Witchcamp, open to everyone, no matter what their economic status. But we can all participate. It takes energy to create camp, FAWC is very much a participatory community, We grow together as we work together, sharing skills and resources.

Many people have no money, and so they donate no money. Others have more and donate amounts between 0 and $500 (consider how much it costs to provide food and everything needed to make Free Activist Witch Camp happen. The average cost of a week long witch camp is $500).

Our web site is also set up to accept donations. Consider making a weekly donation of a few dollars at a time if this is a way of supporting FAWC that works for you. Donations of all kinds are very much welcome!We encourage you, to contribute and offer what you can.

For more information, and to register visit
To check out other witch camps -
For info about Reclaiming-

Blessed be,

Glimmer, Gabriel and Amara
FAWC Outreach/Communications cell

Amara, I really appreciate you being able to take the time to connect the dots and to pull this all together today. I just got home from long day at the office and need to run to the store so will try to make this email brief. I love the stardust sentence. I love the whole message and am not feeling at all weird if we leave out the reference to Gaia as a greek goddess — my whole point was only that we don't do any cultural appropriation and ignore the possibility that for some people Gaia as a greek goddess is as real as Freya as a norse goddess or Bridget as a celtic deity. I think Riyanna's suggestion of putting in something about where we get the Gaia Creation Story is good and could go on the web site..Basically I think inserting a reference to greece would at this point ruin the flow of a very beautifully worded invitation so I wouldn't change a thing. Gabriel, I hope you agree!


march 4

thanks, i feel happy that you understand… i think putting on the site more reference to who gaia is as a greek goddess is a good idea. Gabriel… i really want to hear from you soon!


march 4

hello lovelies!!!
ah, it's been too long since our last group communication! i realize i feel a little disconnected to the organizing of
Fawc; i have not been able to make any of the recent organizing cell

conference calls, which doesn't help. anyhow, i'm happy to say that a recent face-to-face conversation with amara has stimulated me to pro-actively reconnect. the communications cell is in the process of creating a write up for all our 'advertising' for camp (posters, flyers, website, etc.) when i read over both Gabriel's & Amara's writings left me feeling like an important essence of the theme and story was not being represented in their words… we don't have much time - they want to get something out in the next few days - but if you have any strong words or ideas that

could enrich the write-up, PLEASE SEND THEM ASAP to amara at moc.oohay|sdeeshtnarama#moc.oohay|sdeeshtnarama
out of respect for the communication work groups process, i have communicated to amara that i support whatever they put out. it may be too late for any of us to further influence what is written, but i thought i'd throw out a line and see what happens! when i write to amara i will cc you so you see my words. sorry about the lengthy email. i hope it finds you all well and warm with love and laughter!
march 4

Greetings all!!

Thanks to those who did the hard work to communicating this so beautifully!

One of the things that I have to say, which is part of my work in the world is that I believe that every time we say "warrior" we actively participate in a culture of war. Many of you have heard my opinions about this, as a poet i am invested in language. I see that the use of the word is important to others in our communities in doing radical work….I do not expect any changes in the call out…I just have to keep saying my piece.
many ways to kneel and kiss the ground kinda stuff…

I also don't believe we can "go back" to anything..but that is a another discussion.
I would love to have some time.

Thanks again for everyone's hard work. Can someone send me an invite to the FAWC 2009 group I can't get on by just searching in yahoo groups

love queerly

march 4

So good to hear from you.

» As I have not read the writings you refer to, I am
» exactly sure what it
» is that is missing. However, are any of the
» phrases any use? Can
» you mix and match? Are the sentences long wnough?
Or is
» this not what you
» are wanting? If you let me know, I will endevour
to find
» what you want.
» *From Stardust, to all we know, the long journey
» time has drawn us
» to here and now. Here in Gaia¹s arms as we
continue the
» evolving journey.*
» *
» *Once, long ago, from the cosmic dust, Gaia grew
» evolved. Join us as we
» celebrate her journey.*
» *
» *Creation, Gaia¹s story, forever unfolding into
» realms of the future..*


march 4

I love this first one:

*From Stardust, to all we know, the long journey through
» time has drawn us
» to here and now. Here in Gaia¹s arms as we
continue the
» evolving journey.*
I think its important, somewhere, to say very specifically
that the STORY we
are using this year for our theme at camp is "the Gaia
Story." It means
something specific, and people who are familiar with it
will know
immediately what it is and resonate with it.
I also think it's important, somwehere, to cite some of the
authors that have been instrumental in the creation of the
Gaia Story;
Brian Swimme
Thomas Berry
James Lovelock
The woman who wrote "Earth dance" (temporarily forgot her
Much love,

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