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march 6

Hello all,

Sorry to be out of touch for a few days, but I am excited to see that so much great work has come out of this.
Firstly, I think this version is great. I would be happy to see it go out as our call. It makes sense to me that more details, such as various aspects of the Earth Goddess, and a discussion of the Gaia theory, could all be explored with much more nuance on the Theme and Story webpage. I think that's a worthwhile project, and that the Call can justifiably be more vague.

I have two things that I want to address directly, but neither should stop us from sending out this CALL… so…

I may have missed something among these emails, but I don't think anyone has mentioned Lynn Margulis, who's work with Lovelock was critical to the development of his theories. I think T&S wg HAS to include her in this discussion.

Regarding GAIA and the greeks… I totally agree with Glimmer that we need to recognize Her as a Greek Goddess. Maybe not in the Call, if it seems too dificult to fit it in eloquently, but it has to be integrated into our consciousness. The Greeks were Pagans. They had their own set of Deities that reflected those of many other peoples, but were true to their context.
Before the Abrahamic religions, all people were ruled by their own Deities and they were tied to the land that the people lived with. Those deities were recognized by other people who had Deities of their own as being real and powerful. When one culture would overtake another often those deities became in some ways interchangeable. (Even when Christianity began creating a hegemony over Europe, often Saints, Angels, and even Mary became stand-ins for the Deities that had existed in these cultures and within their sacred places for thousands of years.)
Whether we recognize her as being one aspect of a universal mother goddess (that can even include Mary) or as Gaia, the greek goddess, when we invoke her by that name we invoke THAT goddess. Maybe that is my biased understanding that is specific to my magickal practice, but most ceremonial magicians warn against invoking a Deity that we have a superficial understanding of. "Earth" is as universal as we can get, but Gaia is specific - it's greek.
As to appropriation… it's worth considering that there are between 40,000 and 100,000 acknowledged Hellenismos in Greece alone - that's people who worship the Greek Pantheon in "traditional" way. When I was in Athens I was told that 1/4 of all Greeks still believe in the old Gods and Goddesses.
Finally, I would just like to remind us that though Western Dominant Culture claims its roots to be in Ancient Greece, we should avoid condemning the Parent for the actions of the Child. I don't have a problem giving the greeks "credit".

Have to run… let's keep talking..

march 6
Thanks Gabriel.

I think that while I will work on sending out the email Call to Camp this weekend, we still will need people to wordsmith more information about Gaia and our theme/story for camp that we can use go on the web. This would be along with an image and artwork invoking our theme for camp. Ideally it would be nice to have that material up there first, but our web witch hasn't returned my calls all week so she might be "off the grid" for the moment and I can't say for certainity when she will be able to do updates. So, getting the Call sent out to our email contacts (about 500) can be done this weekend coming from moc.liamg|pmachctiwtsivitcaeerf#moc.liamg|pmachctiwtsivitcaeerf —- I'll work on it in the morning (got to dash out to event tonight!).

kisses and hugs,


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