March 3 09 Amara Glimmer

march 3
hey deers

I can talk wednesday after 7 central time also… provided my sister's not in labour, of course. (i think that's 8 eastern time, and 5 pst) could we try for a call at 730 your time/ 830 for me and 530 for gabriel?
we could do the conference call, or three way.
in response to working with 'gaia as a deity,' and using the grecian reference my understanding is that we are working with the "gaia creation story" as described by the callout letter for path teachers (some of whom are on theme and story) "a la brian swimme and james lovelock."
i understand that we are working with the creation theory of earth as a being, a self-regulating organism, with organs and parts that are now under a lot of stress (from human impact). this organism/ "she" has been named "gaia" by the greeks and many other names. rather than gaia as a deity specifically. yes, it's about gaia, as earth. and the name "gaia" came from the greeks, but i don't believe the concept of earth as an organism came from them. nor do i believe it came originally from james lovelock or brian swimme, i think it is an ancient understanding known by many cultures, and recently remembered by ours.
I'm open to referencing that the name "gaia" came from the greeks, but i think the placement of it in what we've written has too much emphasis on the greece roots.
of course, this is only my understanding, and i might be really finicky about all this.
check out it has some good descriptions of what the creation story is.
I appreciate very much about what the language of gaia/earth mother means to you. i love the juicyness and personality it evokes using words like that… and once we describe what gaia is at the beginning, it makes more sense to use gaia more than 'earth' so i shifted to use Gaia in there more… but still left earth in, just not as much. like i said, i wanted to cut out using she, but i think it's difficult to do that, i agree 'it' isn't that nice. i wish there were more pronouns to choose from.
i would be satisfied if we had something on the wiki/website somewhere that showed our sensitivity and awareness to this issue, and use she here.

what do you think about this:

This year at Free Activist Witch Camp, we weave the creation story of Gaia, one of many names given to the Earth Mother. Gaia is Earth, a whole and intricate living organism, at one time worshiped in all cultures, by all people. It is from Her that all life is birthed and to whom all life returns when it dies.

In times and places outside of the dominant culture, humanity lived in balance and harmony with Gaia, conscious of our deep interconnectedness with all living things.

Symptoms of imbalance, war, disconnection, and oppression haunt the land. Many believe that globally we are on the verge of collapse, the next extinction. Mass extinctions have always been a part of Earth's story. Culturally, systemically, communally, bodily what does this mean to us?

We come together to remember our ways of honoring and loving the Earth Mother. We return to our connectedness, through Earth, with all living things on this planet, and the very matter that is this planet. The microcosm of ourselves, our relationships, and our communities expands to include the macrocosm of Gaia. Together we walk a path back home.

May we find our place as we recognize ourselves as Gaia's cells working in harmony, whatever our unique calling may be, to restore balance.

Together at Free Activist Witch Camp, we weave the story of Gaia, embracing our connections with the Earth Mother and each other.

Come home with us.
march 3

Tpying from phone…….I can follow Amara's train of thot and think that we may be in agreement as I dont want to give Greek ancient culture credit for recognizing earth as a real living being, cause like amara says this is deep truth and knowledge that has surfaced in many cultures and the ancient greeks formed their stories and understanding from even more anciet times. However i think that it is imporant to tell whole story of gaia as you may get campers who are gaia devotees or greek and i wouldnt want to offend and use the name without explaining the peoplesfrom which it came. Sorry to make this conversation longer. I am fine with yr latest version. I just came from winter witch camp where we sensed that the goddess freya may not have been hospitable 2Bridget who was invited 2 camp this yr and lots of people sensed that Loki was lurking round the edges of our space so you hv to realize that whether we decide to work with a certain deity or not, once a Being has been given shape by human collective energy - She exists and we need to make sure we are respectfull

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