March 2 09 Amara

march 2

when's a good time to talk on the phone? email has so much lag time, and i really want to get this out soon.
i'm also having lots of fun playing around with writing this.

i appreciate the awareness that you've brought to all the issues we're engaging with.
i was checking out the other camps pages to see what they've written.
it seems as though they mostly have their story, and/or a description of who exactly they are as a community.
i think a lot of the things you mentioned— war/gender/opression etc are most certainly things that we as a camp culture are engaged with… i wonder if there's a piece for us to speak more directly about that stuff, on the website or otherwise, separate from the poetic enticing part of our call, but of course, still engaging it in the call, so that we all come with the awareness of doing the work.

i think the gender/sexuality is a big one for me, that i want to subtly address in the call, by using gender neutral language in more places. i feel that using 'she' is empowering for some, opressive for others… hmmm. i kept she/her in some places, but kept it out of the whole thing. gosh this is a tricky, and wonderful challenge.

i cut out the ancient greece part again. i see it's place, as acknowledging the roots of where the word 'gaia' came from, but as the story and the mother earth is present in so many cultures i feel reluctant to give them cred.

the call was feeling kind of long, i pruned it a little. i hope it still holds everything that you brought.

Free Activist Witch Camp: August 1-7, 2009
The Gaia Creation Story

Our Bodies
pulsing, bleeding, breathing, birthing, dying, cycling, harmonizing
Our Community
warriors, healers, predators, prey, white blood cells, bacterial culture, mycelium
Earth's story
turning, floods, fires, eruption, extinction, evolution, uprising, sacred balance
Our Path
networks, veins, roots, trails, tributaries
To Home
hearts, community kitchens, forests, villages, the multiverse

In times and places outside of empirical culture, humanity lived in balance and harmony with Earth, conscious of our deep interconnectedness with all living things.

Symptoms of imbalance, war, disconnection, and oppression haunt these lands. Mass extinctions have always been a part of Earth's story. Many of us believe that globally we are on the verge of collapse, the next extinction. Culturally, systemically, communally, bodily what does this mean to us?

This year at Free Activist Witch Camp, we come together with Gaia, the Universal Mother. She is Earth, at one time worshiped in all cultures, by all people. It is from her that all life is birthed and to whom all life returns when it dies.

We come together to remember our ways of honoring, and loving Earth. We return to our connectedness, through Gaia, with all living things on this planet, and the very matter that is this planet. The microcosm of our selves, our relationships, and our communities expands to include the macrocosm of Earth. Together we walk a path back home.

May we find our place as we recognize ourselves as Earth's cells working in harmony, whatever our unique calling may be, to restore balance.

Together weave the story of Mother Earth with our own roots, embracing our connection to her and to each other.
Come home with us.


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