March 1 09 Gimmer

march 1

Gabriel, how are you? Do you like Amara's pulsating language? What do you think, I am eager to hear your voice.

I am fine. Picture me listening to the winnie-the-pooh song over and over again this morning… the horn honking of my grandson's mini battery opperated ride-along truck. We went to a Magic Mama show-event yesterday. Magic Mama is a witch with a mission to educate about Gaia and making music for kids. I wish she could come to FAWC but I think she lives on a farm in Wisc and she has several kids so probably not possible. She reminded me a lot of Gabriel's lovely wife, Asa.

Okay, down to business….How about changing the message sentence slightly as in:

Mass extinctions are a part of Earth's story. Many of us feel that "globally we are on the verge of collapse." Culturally, systemically, communally, bodily what does this mean to us?

Also, what do you think of changing this sentence to something like:
Others have more and donate amounts between 0 and $500 (consider how much it costs to provide food and everything needed to make Free Activist Witch Camp happen. The average cost of a week long witch camp is $500). Our web site is also set up to accept donations. Consider making a weekly donation of a few dollars at a time if this is a way of supporting Free Camp that works for you.

For the teacher call out part, I already sent the call for Priestessing teachers (which included a part about us also calling for community path teachers) to the Witch Camp Council, FAWC community, WinterWitchCamp weavers and Reclaiming Spider group. We can check in with the teacher selection work group before deciding if we want to re-send out this call out for these teachers.

I would attach the community path teacher call out to the end of our theme and story update email. I know that makes the email long but we send our broad messages from moc.liamg|cwaf#moc.liamg|cwaf to over 500 contacts and I think that one email is most effective. I want to respect people's email in-boxes and so I would put all in one message.

I also think we need to update the web site with our theme and story message at the same time that we send out our email (hopefully Song has time to do this in the upcoming week). All we still need for the web site is updated images and visuals to go with Gaia theme.

Talk to you later, I have a really bad head, neck, shoulder, arm, wrist, back ache today and wish I lived with an energy healer. Actually, I guess I do cause I live with myself! (smile). I'm going to now log off the computer and go outside to work on healing for myself. Picture me now with my arms outstretched in the sunny snowy backyard!



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