Letter From The Nomenus Community To Andy

The Resident Community
Nomenus Wolf Creek Sanctuary
(541) 866 - 2678

July 13, 2010

Dear Andy,

We the Wolf Creek Resident Community are actively hosting the Free Activist Witch Camp. The organizing cell of the Free Activist Witch Camp has expressed their wishes that you not attend this specific event. During this week you have entered our property twice in violation of their pre-existing boundary. On both occasions, members of the Wolf Creek community have requested that you leave. Your demonstration of disrespect for the Wolf Creek Sanctuary on these two occasions has led to the Wolf Creek Resident community making a decision concerning your presence on the land.

We do not feel safe with you, your actions or the continued violation of the Wolf Creek Sanctuary's boundaries. We cannot reach consensus to allow you to return to our land.

WE ARE DEMANDING THAT YOU STAY OFF OUR PROPERTY. you may not petition us to return at this point in time. Violation of this request will demand that we contact the local authorities alerting them to you presence in the area. If you are found on Nomenus property after the delivery of this letter the authorities will be brought in to facilitate your removal. the decision to bring the authorities into this situation is to ensure the safety of the Nomenus Wolf Creek Sanctuary, and is not endorsed by the Free Activist Witch Camp.

It is our hope that you respect the desires of the community and stay off the property.

We are not banning you forever, but there are steps to follow before you can return. You will need to contact us at least thirty days before you wish to visit. We will put an item on the published agenda for the next Community On The Land Committee meeting and explain how to participate in that meeting. you will need to call in at the appropriate time and explain why the community should allow you to visit. You will need to address the concerns of the residents and everyone else involved in that committee before you can visit the sanctuary again. Your first visit will be limited to one week, giving the community an opportunity to see that you are ready to be here.

We are all very sorry that it has come to this.

The Wolf Creek Sanctuary Resident Community:
Acorn, Piwacket, Vibrant, TJ, Wonder, Blossom

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