Organizing cell meetings-January 6th

The (call) circle is cast…..

Amara – in the rain getting ready to walk couple of miles in the dark up side of the mountain feeling glorious, feeling strong

Jude – really excited to hear everyone’s voice, hungry

Glimmer – feeling fat and full

JP – was in San Diego 10 days, now in Arizona at small intentional community, glad to be done with border searches

Jason –happy to be back in California getting to work on creative projects. Has been traveling for weeks, New Orleans, Indiana, family….

Riyanna – cooking, also glad to be back in California

Gabriel – doing a lot of great things organizing stuff in his home community, lots of really good people there – camp-like environment

Ross – added to the circle (joined call) towards the end

Facilitator: Jude / Scribe (note taker): Glimmer

Agenda: 1) Working group check ins, 2) how do you attend other Witchcamps as organizers? 3) desire for future f2f

Communications WG check in:

Amara - group met a couple of days ago. Amara posted notes from that meeting to email and the wiki.

We have set up a new email contact address for camp: freeactivistwitchca mp@gmail. com. Glimmer is checking this email regularly. Amara and Gabriel can check it too if Glimmer is not able to.

We are following up with a couple of possible web witch people to do update and redesign of http://freewitchcam FAWC web page. Our goal is to get this site updated asap (before end of January) with eventual redesign.

Thanks to contact at WitchcampCouncil, http://www.witchcam site has been updated with 2009 camp dates and substituted Glimmer and freeactivistwitchca mp@gmail. com as the contact info (removed Andy’s name and address from site)

As follow up to outreach brainstorming that was done at F2F, we are asking folks to think of

places to do outreach (mystical shops, co-ops, ancharist hang outs, student centers, specific folks, gatherings, etc) and specific things that would be helpful to communicate about FAWC, and also ideas about fundraising – send all those ideas to Communications WG. We plan to send out next email communication close to Imbolc. Input and communication from other working groups are vitally helpful to us.

Jude will draft a call out communication re the call for path teachers.

Theme & Story WG Check in:

Riyanna – group has met several times and is now at point of researching 5 or 6 stories. The plan is to whittle down the story choices to one story before the full moon of this month and send story choice out to Organizing Cell for approval.

Proposal consensus: we will have a conference call on Jan 20 at 6 PST for agenda item of discussion re proposal from Theme and Story. (the regularly scheduled call on Tuesday closed to the waxing half-moon @ 6pm PDT will still take place on Feb 3rd)

Logistics WG Check in:

JP – reported that Pavini had talked to Seeds of Peace. Looks like either lunch and dinner option or breakfast and dinner option would be okay with them. They are really flexible. They did tell us that food costs have gone up to $1,500.

Teacher Selection WG check in:

Jason – WG is right on schedule, meeting regularly. They have been having calls and are working out a plan for sending invites out to those who we want to ask to teach Priestess Path and also working on the call out to other Path teachers.

Finance WG check in:

Jude - will do outreach to rest of Finance WG; has not been having calls/meetings of late. Good thing to report is that books from last year are finished and we came out at end of year with a teeny bit of seed money to begin FAWC 2009. Jude will publish bookkeeping/ finance info to group as soon as she gets a few computer things worked out.

TO DO: find another physical address for people to send their donations to. (NOTE: as of now the web site has Glimmer’s address listed but it might be better to have a west coast address listed)

Another F2F? – Gabriel will make a proposal for another (spring?) F2F. He will send proposal to email group, including intention for F2F and making a suggestion as to possible location and possible dates.

Organizers attending other Witchcamps on organizer scholarships –

JP stated his desire and intention if nobody objected to make use of California camp’s organizer scholarship. He will go there to cross pollinate and spread the word about FAWC. All of us on the call supported JP in this. Ross joined the call at this time and offered the information that he is attending WinterWitchCamp on an organizer scholarship. Jude offered the information that a lot of camps do organizer scholarships or exchanges. Glimmer offered to bring up subject at next Witch Camp Council to get a more complete picture of which camps do this.

Call ended at 7:00 p.m. PDT / 9:00 p.m. CST / 10:00 p.m. EST

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