January 8th, 2009 Conference Call Notes

FAWC Theme & Story Meeting
Jan 8th/2009

Seneca, Mel, Ryanna, Captain

Seneca opens the meeting with a Rumi poem. To dance is not to……

Personal check in.

Story related check in:

Dreams of floods people flooding by indigenous people teaching people to help out
Bone collector dance from Temple Dance this week
Story of oil being found in a Columbian community and instead of the planned mass suicide of the people because of there land being taken away, they did 6 months of ritual asking that the oil not show it self again when the surveyor come back. The oil did not show it self.
More attachment and feeling moved by the flood metaphor.
Seeing the Hummingbird from Flight of the Hummingbird flying above the flood instead of the fire saying “ I am doing what I can”.
Us becoming animals or going with our animal allies
Still considering the Popol Puh story – A Mayan creation story

Report Back from Organizers Call

The group is excited that we are narrowing it down. Communications and teacher selection both need it asap.
When we decide on the story to propose, we will put it out on the 2009 org list, and have a conference call to ratify the story on Jan 20th.
Captain will be on this call, others may be available.
There was a murmur of another face to face

Continuing Dialogue About Story

· Proposal to run rounds t have a fluid process
· Hummingbird still intriguing as is the message in the story
· Popol Puh – attachment to a creation story, this one has all different beings
· La Loba- Collecting of the bones more shadow work. Death and rebirth theme
· Concerns about cultural appropriation
· Can we create our own story?
· How about a recreation story, tying into the Mayan Calendar piece and 2012
· Sharing of first free camp writing of own story made for a very disjointed story
· Suggestion of the Gaia Creation Story – has flood and shadow piece, death and rebirth. Great version is Brian Swimme and Thomas Barry’s The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos.
· It seems to have all the elements we are looking for and more
· Some desire to continue to be part of the process of refining the story and working it- reminder that Theme and Story morphs into The Ritual Facilitation Group after story decision is made.
· What about Ross? Ryanna taked to him earlier today and he is not attached to a particular story but is invested in this process.
· How does this all fit with the 5 and 6th mass extinction and what is the adaptation we have to made to go on?

Proposal: FAWC’ s 2009 story be The Gaia Creation Story- and how the story reverberates with myth around the world.


Captain will type up notes and sent them out to our group for changes. Ryanna will collect our changes and send it out on the FAWC 2009 group (did I get this right?)

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