January 3rd 2009 Conference Call Notes

Theme and Story Conf Call

Jan 3 2009

Ryanna, Ross, Seneca and Captain

Regrets- Mel

Ross facilitating

Captain taking notes

Opening round about our feelings of community (notes not taken) and 3 aspects or words we would like to see in the camp story.

Community, working together, transformation, animals, shadow work, moving out of the personal, initiation, great turning, creation, community, co-creation, restoration(resurection), non-human allies.

Captain pulled the following cards while working with the story sorting.

3 card reading, past, present and future,

Mind, Body and Spirit

Six of Wands

Queen of Wands

Four of cups

Further discussion about story

Needing a container to hold grief

Starting with the personal (shadow) moving to the animals and/or allies and moving out

Any of the stories will have an arc- we have confidence that the facilitation team will make an arc.

Drawn to old stories ones that resonate deep in out ancestral memory.

Swirling of desire- love for story and myth

Last 3 years at FAWC there have been no strong stories mostly themes

Best stories have been ones that I have not known much about it before hand and I am just with the mystery as it unfolds.

Story proposals

Herodias- cult. She is a women in the bible and women in history-story of underground pagan resitance in Italy.

Flood- rising above flood, cleansing of the earth, creating land out of mud

La Loba- life sung into the bones- seems like what we need to do/ more animalistic not in English

“collecting the bones before the flood in the dark of the new moon”

Mayan stories closer to where we are physically

La Loba- not a story as it were but a non human qualitiy

Want story to incorporate ocean, water, cups , gaia

  • we feel more time is needed and input from Mel and a structure to make the decision

We will hare notes on the Org cell list and the Wiki- Captain will send them to Amara and Seneca and Seneca will follow up with putting them on the list.

Consensed proposal for work before next meeting

We will look at the list of stories that were mentioned and gather more information about them

Gaia story- mentioned by Seneca

Flood stories- mentioned by Mel

Herodias- mentioned by Ross

La Loba- mentioned by Ryanna

Flight of the Hummingbird- mentioned by Captain

Other Mayan stories- mentioned by Ryanna

We will share info online and look at stories that other people have proposed and say which one’s we like and why.

Next call January 8th Thursday 5pm

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