Hearth Sustenance Wg

Hearth/Sustenance is empowered and encouraged to ensure the following is done:

Prior to Camp
Submits Food Budget and supply cost estimates to Finance WG (december)
Solicits Donations (december)
Finds Food Ordering Resources (march)
Sources Kitchen Equipment (march)
Creates Menus (april)
Creates Food Order (may) - see guidelines and food-order2010
Oversees allocation and expenditure of Food Budget item (june/july)
Ensures food and equipment arrives at camp (july)

During Camp
Confirms/inventories food, monitor use and storage during camp
Creates and maintain kitchen Infrastructure
Works with Facilitation Team to ensure there is enough camp participation in the hearth
Provides nourishing meals at mealtimes
Ensures sanitary conditions and hygiene for camp health

Post Camp
Sends thank you letters to Donors
Decompresses/gives feedback
Updates Wiki
Consenses new members

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