Food Ordering Guidelines

Our intent is to provide for camp quality food that reflects our values around ecological impact and sustainability

Payment Logistics
Hearth/Sustenance works with finance to procure funds needed for food order. unless we have an invoice to do a requisition check thru ACT before camp, then it will probably be necessary for someone to front the money (by writing a check, for example) and then paying them back thru the requisition process via ACT.

We went vegan-based (everyone can eat, cost efficiency), with vegetarian options (cheese during some of the main meals, butter and eggs with breakfast). We were open to donations of consciously sourced meat, but there weren't any.

There have been several dialogues regarding our culture around food. At Cispus River (2007) there was a conversation about meat. At Wolf Creek, it came up again. Our choice was not to purchase meat with witchcamp funds until we've have a deeper conversation as a community. Also, as the food order was crafted, it became clear that it wasn't a cost effective option.

The following tiers were used to select how food was purchased for witchcamp 2010. They are based on my personal food preferences, and are simply guidelines that invite revision and shared ownership.

Food Values
Reduce dependence on fossil fuels/global trade network
Reduce dependence on dominant consumptive culture
Reduce overall ecological footprint.
Engage in an active relationship with the food we eat
Support entities that reflect our values.
Be humanitarian to the animals whose products we consume.
Recycle/Reuse/Reduce Waste
Eat as near to the top in the below listed tiers.

Food Sourcing - local, sustainable, ecological, health
1) Eat from Garden/CSA
2) Eat In Season, Local and Organic/Wildcrafted/Dumpstered/Humanely raised
3) Distant, Organic -?
4) Local, Conventional/GMO -?
5) Global, Organic
6) Global, Conventional/GMO

Relationship with food
1) Whole foods made by my hands/food from my community
2) Restaurant/Premade/Ordering Out

Meat, eggs, and dairy - health, humanitarian, ecological
1) I know it's name and/I processed it myself
2) free range, organic, local
4) free range, pesticide free, local
3) free range, organic, distant
5) feedlot, pesticide free
6) feedlot, pesticides

Companies ecological profile - factors local, ecological, social justice, cooperative
1) Farmer's Markets, CSA
2) Cooperatives (People's Coop) - local, cooperative, in season, organic
3) Local Corporation (New Seasons) - local, in season, organic, non-gmo, privately owned
4) Global Corporation, ecological (Trader Joe's - global, organic, non-gmo, packaging waste)
5) Global Corp, conventional (Fred Meyer, Safeway, Walmart)

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