Food/Logistics Working Group

Logistics ensures that equipment for basic logistical systems is procured, transported to, and also sets up on-site. These logistical functions include, but are not limited to:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Shitters

Logistics may also address logistical items that come up during the organizing process. If it's not clearly part of the domain of a workgroup, it may be given to the logistics cell to figure out.


  • Dig, Monitor, Remind, Build Composters

H2O Filtration - Drinking

  • Hand-washing @ Kitchen & Poopers


  • Moop (matter out of place) leaders
  • Sorters
  • Carrying-outers

On-Site Logistics Needs
Sacred Sign Makers (may fit under Registration/Welcoming):

  • Schedule w/flag
  • Rideboard
  • Welcoming info
  • Expectations/Social Agreements

Sacred Time Keepers:

  • Watch wearers
  • Conch/Horn Blowers

Food - If we have to do the food/kitchen ourselves, we would
Acquire Equipment for Outdoor Kitchen

  • Burners, Dishes, Propane, Dishwashing Stations, Handwashing

Solicit for donations with 501c3 letter well in advance (If SoP cooks for us, we could supplement food also)

  • 08 Donations - Bob's Red Mill, Dave's Killer Bread
  • Order enough food for Projected attendance

Letter to communications about specific food requests from campers

Logistics 2011
Food / Logistics 2010
Food / Logistics 2009

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