Food Budget

The Hearth Sustenance WG is responsible for creating a figure for the food budget, estimating supply costs, and submitting those figures to Finance WG. Hearth/Sustenance is responsible for allocating and spending the food budget line item, purchasing food the most efficiently while factoring in our values around ecological impact and sustainability.

2005 thru 2007
The food budget has shifted over the several years. For the first 3 years of camp, we contracted an activist kitchen to cook our meals. The first figure is how much we paid for the food, and the second figure is how much we gave the kitchen post camp. We paid them $1000 ($500), $1000 ($400), and $1200 ($500) respectively.

For our fourth year, we did our own kitchen for $2015.21. I guestimate is about 30-40% of our food was organic that year.

For our fifth year, the activist kitchen came back and cooked for us. We paid them $1800 and did not give them a bonus.

This year we consensed to do our own kitchen. Our budget line item was $2000, and we spent just over this for the lunch/dinner orders. Breakfast was a donation that was near $400, and there was another food run (just under $100) that was a donation. So really, our costs were around $2500. This year about 85-95% of our food order was organic, and most of the produce was from a local farm. see food-order2010 to see a breakdown of 2010's food order and costs.

Unless we substantially shift the way we do food as a camp, or procure a substantial amount from donations, I think $2500 is a reasonable figure for 2011 camp.

amounts taken from Budgets page

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