The finance working group is responsible for:

  • developing a budget for approval by whole organizing cell
  • receiving and keeping track of income (including receiving, recording, and forwarding checks and managing cash)
  • coordinating with ACT, our fiscal sponsor
  • receiving and tracking all requests for payment or reimbursement, including receipts
  • paying out cash and requesting checks from ACT based on consensed budget and payout priorities, pro-ratings, etc.
  • proposing revisions to budget to whole cell as necessary

Fundraising is a collective commitment of the whole. However, finance will support fundraising by:

  • making sure a model fundraising letter gets drafted in timely manner
  • coordinating with fundraisers to get checks sent to ACT in correct, way, etc.
  • supporting grantwriters with financial information, etc.

Fundraising Ideas, as brainstormed at the 2009 Face 2 Face

The group's main workflow is

  • supporting fundraising year-round (moderate)
  • drafting and getting budget approved before late spring (minor)
  • tracking income and receiving money before and at camp (high)
  • gathering receipts and reimbursement requests, paying out, and reporting in weeks immediately after camp (high)

See Budgets for more information.

Info archive

Here we keep all kinds of information that is useful year to year.

Relationship with ACT

FAWC agreed to be fiscally sponsored by ACT back in 2006 or so. This was a decision for two main reasons:

  1. We don't need to create a corporate entity to create a bank account, receive checks, etc. This also fits better with our organizing model, in which FAWC is not an organization at all, but a group action with some logistical aspects catalyzed by volunteers.
  2. We can receive tax-deductible donations from foundations and individuals who need it. ACT's EIN is 20-1402741, which is needed by donors/foundations.

In 2009 we didn't get any grants, but in 2008 we received $750 from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and in the past have received significant tax-deductible contributions.

ACT is the Alliance of Community Trainers. Three core participants in the Pagan Cluster are on the board: Juniper, Lisa F., and Starhawk. Juniper and Starhawk helped co-found FAWC. They also fiscally sponsor Earth Activist Trainings, the Permie bus, and other projects.

Juniper is the board member responsible for dealing with the accounting. However, two other folks do most of the day-to-day interactions. These are Jeanine (J9) and Heather. J9 receives checks and requisition forms and makes sure things are deposited, etc. She's the main contact for figuring things out. Heather AFAIk basically does bookkeeping entry.

ACT has various policies regarding check requisitions and payouts. They're fairly straight forward. More elsewhere. The big one, though, is that they need receipts etc. for any payouts, especially to individuals, to ensure that expenses are for legitimate charitable purpose (ie. education). For us, as long as we have receipts, we're golden.

But this means that we have to pay any expenses that don't have receipts out of cash. So cash is key, because there will always be lost receipts!

ACT can receive checks, and we also have set up a system for ACT to receive online donations through Both of them HAVE to be specially designated "FAWC" or we are liable not to get the money.

In 2009, some bad miscoordination led to all the checks getting sent directly to ACT without going through one of us and getting recorded first. This is a bad idea, because it means we have to wait until checks have passed through their entire bookkeeping system and then been reported to us before we know how much money we're getting in. It's also a major hassle for them to constantly be getting asked how much money we have.

This is also an issue with online donations. At this time, we don't yet have a way to see what money we've received at NfG without asking J9, which is a hassle. We're talking about maybe trying to get "view-only" access or something like that.


ACT takes 5% admin fee for everything that comes through it. In addition, Network for Good takes around 3-5% as well for online donations. So cash is better!!

Remember: let's keep our relationship with ACT as healthy and positive as possible, by being as organized as we can.

Procedure for receiving checks

Pretty straightforward.

  1. Record amount, date of check, and donor in a spreadsheet, along w/ any notes (ie. main Accounting speradsheet)
  2. Make sure has designation for FAWC. If not, add it.
  3. Get a bunch of checks
  4. Photocopy all of them
  5. Send them together in an envelope to ACT (address to be posted), with a list in the envelope

Finance 2011

Finance 2010

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