Feb 26 09 Glimmer

feb 26

Yes. I'm feeling like dancing too now and am excited reading this call to bring my breathing, pulsing, erupting self to camp, to home, to be Gaia and to be with Gaia. I like it. It really seems alive now.

I'm been off email for a couple of days now (babies and office work stress had me crying yesterday!) so glad you guys have been stiring the pot and cooking up our spell of words to call us back to camp. Thank you Gabriel for getting us started.

The only part of it that I'm not sure about is the phrase, "globablly we are on the verge of collapse."
I don't feel strongly about it if it really fits what theme and story folks are envisioning, but right now I personally don't like thinking that we are globally on verge of collapse and if I hadn't been to camp before I might think that camp was filled with a bunch of pessimists. I only say this from my perspective of spending so many hours a day in an office where everyone walks around feeling like we are on the verge of collapse and I'm sick of feeling that way. Yes, I hope that a lot of shit is on it's way out and we all know that an awful lot of crap needs to collapse, but I'd rather think that we are on the verge of rebirth and a new era of human evolution, which is maybe the same thing as saying we are on the verge of collapse — I'm not sure I guess….

In any case I think we now have a call out message to a) put on web page and b) send along with camp logistical information to all of the FAWC contacts that we have, and c) a message that we can link up to an image that we can use for both our web page and posters that could be downloaded, etc. We can share it with others on the next organizer's call before we send it out.

Sending you and your family blessings of the deep peace of the rolling waves to that new little neice or nephew who is floating in a sea of readiness about to do the scariest and biggest thing we all do in this world — leave that sweet warm lovely womb and take the leap of action needed to act and live in this world. I don't think it's the moms who control the birth process. I think it's the new life being born.

Love you,


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