Feb 25 09 Amara

feb 25/09

hey there
after lots of spinning and reflecting, and bouncing back and forth with rebecca and seneca, this came out.
(i sent a copy of this to seneca who will pass it on to theme and story).
let me know what you think.
i was trying to be conscious of invitational and invoking language, that could resonate with different people's stories… and that brought in your thoughts, and what i got from seneca after getting a better feel of the cauldron where the theme and story came from.

Free Activist Witch Camp 2009— Gaia Creation Story

Our Bodies
pulsing, bleeding, breathing, birthing, dying, cycling, harmonizing
Our Community
warriors, healers, predators, prey, white blood cells, bacterial culture, mycelium
Earth's story
turning,floods, fires, eruption, extinction, evolution, uprising, sacred balance
Our Path
networks, veins, roots, trails, tributaries
To Home
hearts, community kitchens, forests, villages, the multiverse

Mass extinctions are a part of Earth's story. We could say "globablly we are on the verge of collapse." Culturally, systemically, communally, bodily what does this mean to us?

We begin to remember our ways of honoring, and loving our Mother. We return to our connectedness, through Her, with all living things on this planet, and the very matter that is this planet. The microcosm of our selves, our relationships, and our communities expands to include the macrocosm of Earth. Together we walk a path back home.

May we find our place as we recognize ourselves as cells working in harmony, whatever our unique calling may be, to restore balance.

This year at Free Activist Witch Camp, we weave the story of Mother
Earth with our own, embracing our connection to her and to each other.
Come home with us.

i'm all excited to dance right now,
blessed be

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