Feb 20 09 Gabriel

feb 20/09

Here is a spiel I wrote for theme and story. It's a little wordy and kind of brainy… I think it could use more poetry. BUT…. it's a start. Please give me feedback and feel free to try rewriting it any way you please.




In the days of ancient Greece, all the Gods swore their binding oath to Gaia, the Universal Mother, the Deep Breasted One. She is Earth, the Mother Goddess worshiped in all cultures, by all people. She is Rhea, Gayatri, Terra, Papatuanuku, Tiamat, Pachamama, but she is also the first Mother from whom all other deities have been birthed.

For most of Human existence we have recognized the Earth as our Great Mother, from who all life is given and to whom all life returns. In every culture, among all people, we honored and respected Her as one whole living spiritual being.

Yet only a few centuries ago, our view of this living, spiritual, organic universe was replaced with that of Nature as a Machine. Ever since there has been a struggle between those who see Earth as a living being with whom we are deeply interconnected and dependent upon, and those who believe she is an inert mass of resources to be plundered.

We are running out of time for this debate. We live in an age of War, Capitalism, Over-population, Mass Extinction, and Environmental Devastation. Our species, and the planet as a whole, is at grave risk.

We must return to the old ways of honoring, and loving our Mother. We must begin to see how we are connected, through Her, with all living things on this planet, and the very matter that is this planet. We must see the microcosm of our selves, our relationships, and our communities expanding to include the macrocosm of Earth. Together we must walk a path back home.

This year at Free Activist Witch Camp, we will weave the story of Mother Earth with our own, exploring our connection to her and to each other. Come home with us.

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