FAWC Anagrams

sometimes when i'm looking to understand something better, i'll anagram words and look at what else is in there. i did this with the phrase "freeactivistwitchca mp." didn't come up with anything powerfully revealing this time, but a couple of em made me chuckle.

bright love,
Free Activist Witch Camp
A Witchcraft Victims Pee
A Activism Perfect Witch
A Cache Victim Wept First
A Catchers Evict Fit Wimp
A Catcher Evict Swift Imp
A Catcher Victim Few Tips
A Ceramic Vetch Swift Pit
A Ecstatic Vetch Fir Wimp
A Accepts Chive Firm Twit
A Catch Fictive Wet Prism
A Tactics Itch Fever Wimp
A Tactic Perfect Wish Vim
A Tactic Pitch Fever Swim
A Cafe Wretch Victims Pit
Watchers Impact Fictive
Witchcraft Impact Sieve
Witchcraft Spa Vice Time
Witchcraft Vast Mice Pie

Semi Epic Witchcraft Vat
Fear Victim Witch Aspect
White Spacecraft Victim
Vast Pacific Time Wretch
Evict Pacifist Math Crew
Fist Catch Vampire Twice
Impact Tactic Fever Wish
Fresh Impact Tactic View
Impact Craft Ethic Views
Hectic Fictive Art Swamp
Emphatic Vice Facts Writ
Emphatic Civic Fart Stew
Fictive Architect Swamp
Civic Artifact Hemp Stew
I Watch Feces Trap Victim
Accept Crave With Misfit

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