FAWC 2008 Debrief

FAWC debrief

Check out
mtg in fall

Finance report:
we went over budget aprox. $115 over budget for food.
Proposal: to extend our budget to cover this about. Consensed.

Check out w/ suggestions:

  • Let's do magic with the land as a facilitation team as soon as we arrive.
  • Let's invoke safety & Protection
  • Let's have a tighter container around Witchcamp & Why
  • Better welcome for new folks
  • Outsource Food
  • Path info available for everyone earlier.
  • Have people w/kids camp together in 1 area
  • Awareness around drama club
  • Strongly consider having an Elements Path
  • Be clear when inviting teachers for specific roles (like kids or elements)
  • Consider our container for Kids and how we care for them
  • Discuss "the dog thing" & develop guidelines or policies
  • Be clear in our communications that it is a 7-day camp
  • Support continued involvement of Radical Faeries & Wolf Creek
  • Revisit gender stuff & how we use pronouns
  • Let's keep in mind honoring female as well as male sexual energy
  • Use the Naraya model of gatekeeping for path & share with folks our intention and focus & offer the message "if you're just here to hang out maybe it's not the best time to be here"
  • Let's make a play land for the kids
  • Tighter registration process. Encourage folks to be here.
  • Set drains on the land in the beginning
  • More facilitator magic at the beginning
  • Dial down
  • Have processes in place like designated tenders for camp (for incidents & major conflicts) or something else for when things aren't working
  • Let's look out to the world at what's called to come through this vessel
  • More outreach to direct action communities
  • More teachers w/experience in street action magic & bring that in
  • Radical Faerie Path
  • Security - perhaps a dragon path
  • Rewilding Path
  • Sexuality/Gender Path
  • One-on-one conversation about their intention with everyone who comes
  • Buddy system
  • Required Registration
  • Thank each other in the eyes & love
  • We are working with a hybrid model, using tools of anarchy to create the world we want to live (at least for a week)
  • Singing path
  • LOVE!
  • Let's be conscious of this cultural frontier we are meeting

"I see that ark you're building. Will you let me on? Will you let me off?"

  • Stronger container for affinity groups
  • Nonverbal primitive rewilding path
  • Have a "men's circle" early in the week about
  • Timelines & timely in organizing importance
  • Use elders council
  • Facilitation team come several days (3 days early and 1 day after)
  • Let's work with Seeds of Peace way in advance to ensure a good date for us all
  • Folks to help work it out when there are conflicts & problems
  • Schedule "down time"
  • Facilitation team agree to a model of giving feedback to each other
  • Facilitation team sink into "our" ritual
  • Worked well for paths to help with lunch prep one day each week
  • Faerie ritual was a powerful offering
  • Bring in some of the connection & magic of the Naraya
  • Cross-pollinate actively by bringing folks here to Naraya
  • Faerie Dance for Renewal kind of thing
  • Peti needs & help to return
  • Check-Out
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