FAWC 2008 The Pentacle of The Great Turning

Facilitation Team

saturday july 19th— first facilitation meeting

"there we were topless, naked, clothed, gyrating to the rythm of the babbling brook on a deck in dappled light, moving with each other as though there was a fire in the center. in the center was a heart and a journal and we were having [our meeting in song]. voicing our ideas, thoughts, concerns via song and dance … "
We voiced a desire for more the creation of this camp to be done in this [magical] manner.

Team Agreements
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
We are committed to out agreements to each other, if we cannot me, we will communicate this to someone else in the group.

*We agree to uphold our agreements to meeting times

*There is discouragement of sexual relations btwn teachers/facilitators and students/participants. we will remain in discussion about this topic, listening to what comes up, since these lines blur, and there are many perspectives. "what is sex-positive responsibility?"

External intoxicating substances

  • external intoxicants are discouraged. we agree to keep intoxicant use away from public space. there are many different perspectives of this, we all wish to care for one another, respect out boundaries and be in integrity. "what is self care?"
  • We will communicate with each other to enhance our service to ourselves, each other, our camp community, and the earth; to be honest with each other.

*We agree to pay attention to these issues: self integrity
team integrity

*We agree to be mindful of our communications, not interrupting each other, holding silence after someone speaks.

*We agree to be damn good.

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