Fawc 09 Camp Container

Here's a discussion we've been having about camp container/how to communicate it…


Dear loveable people,
(I really do love you all ;-)I Am sending this email for three reasons.
1) in hopes that we can agree on what is the brief communication response that should be sent to people who are emailing moc.liamg|pmachctiwtsivitcaeerf#moc.liamg|pmachctiwtsivitcaeerf and telling us that they have registered and now they "want to know where camp is going to be held." (someone named Mark Piron is saying that he sent his $500 thru PayPal and now he wants to know a.s.a.p. where
camp is going to be!)


I have to do a bit more paperwork — sign and return in order
for twin lakes to be set. My intuition right now says that it
is pretty certain.
as far as someone demanding to know the site, my instinct says
that we could do some powerful magic about setting the
container and some intention about the gateway for camp during
the face to face. revealing the location now to folks as they
register, one by one, doesn't feel like the most solid casting
of a circle or carving out a gate that folks are asked to enter
— if that makes sense.
i'll let the group know when the permit is set. i'm interested
in participating in creating the gateway process and setting
some of the basic language that we can/do agree on. is that
registration or communication working group? can you hook me
up with the conversation?

this seems like a good conversation for a lot of us to have soon. magic for a flowing creative, strong and safe container. i feel called to let people know as detailed as they need to without going into specific location until maybe a month or a few weeks before. perhaps we could tell them what national forest it's around, or what highway its off of or something, so they can make all the arrangements they feel they need to be able to get there.


greetings from redrock country,
i agree with the need to be intentional about holding our container as magical, focused and dedicated. i agree also with amara about giving generalized specific information until closer to camp. this is a more common practice for gatherings such as wildroots and rainbow, besides we aren't completely confirmed-although it sounds imminent-thanks barbara. i think that we could even say, in reply to registrees, that we are being careful and creative with how the camp comes into being and that, they too, are being asked to hold a piece of that weaving. perhaps we all start, or continue, to hold our own piece of that container weaving, infusing it with our vision of strength and stability and right relationship…and whatever else. perhaps this is another access point for camp co-creation in the magical sense of building towards our eventual congregation at xxx?

i would love to know more about how people are visioning the physical container/gate/roles for gatekeeping (both around precamp, camp beginnings and rituals).
starting tomorrow or friday i will be on the green river for at least a week. i will look forward to rejoining this conversation then.
with love,
ps. glimmer-i am making a good prayer for your healing path and work. if there is specific need please let me/us know…

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