The team selection group chooses a team of 10-12 members to facilitate thepaths and rituals of camp. The team is supposed to be "significantly" Reclaiming trained. This group works with the theme and story group to provide facilitators who are matched with theme and camp process and to keep within timeline agreements placed by the larger organizing cell (winter solstice is date most other camps choose their teams, our team wasn't complete until Day 5 of camp this year…chuckle…)
1. at least 3 people and generally not more than 4—-3 is an agreeable number for most selection committees.
2. Choose team by __ "a certain date".
3. Understand the responsibility of this group to be able to hold the group process for the whole camp. A good rule of thumb is to understand that if one person on the team is having an issue that it will be reflected in a proportionate ratio of camp participants as well. The opposite is also true,Whatever issues the camp is working will be worked through the team
members too.It is important to choose persons who you believe have the integrity and dedication to hold this awareness.
4. Because we as FAWC ask people to facilitate without financial compensation,we are not always met with wide-eyed excitement and anticipation by those we invite and may have to re-evaluate team possibilities repeatedly.
5. It is very important to choose people who get along well with other people on the team. Once you have people who have accepted the invitation, it may be helpful to ask them who they would like to work with.
6. Out of awareness of our $ and respect for the Earth's resources, it maybe useful to choose persons who are more local, with exceptions being free returns and or previously committed FAWC members.
7. Free return policy was instituted for the purpose of creating consistancy.Some camps choose a continuity facilitator for the next year from the team of the previous year. ( IMHO, Free returns may or may not create cohesive teams and I would prefer a continuity facilitator or 2 or 3 who enjoy working together instead) That is a decision for this new selection group to make.


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