Face To Face November 2010 Portland

Free Cascadia WitchCamp

Organizing Cell Face to Face Meeting and Retreat
November 5 - 8, 2010
Portland, Oregon
Barbara and Troll’s house

This document was created by Nora Bee and Barbara, based on the note-taking of several people, and are intended to reflect as best as we are able the events, discussions, and agreements we engaged in over the course of 3 full days of magic, heart, and business. If you find errors inside this document, you can report them to either Barbara or Nora Bee:
ten.puesir|zat-eerf#ten.puesir|zat-eerf or moc.liamg|eebeamaron#moc.liamg|eebeamaron. Thank you.

Note Takers of the weekend: Glimmer, Nora Bee, Scout, Julie Dragonfly, Barbara, Meddle, Seraphina

In attendance: Barbara, Scout, Bird, Joel, Pavini, Glimmer, Orione, Moona, Zaba, Troll, Julie Dragonfly, Julie Aurora, rain, Winter, Amanda Ruckus, Nora Bee, Thea, Seraphina, Sid, Rebecca, Kate, Gambit
On Phone:
Carissa, Dawn, JP Heartsong, Song


Consensus Agreements made at the F2F
Action Items
Items tabled
Agenda of the F2F
Notes by day and topic as named on the Agenda:
Overall Meeting Harvest

1. Camp Dates = Sunday July 10 - Sunday July 17, 2010
2. We commit to creating a Pixie Path for the next 2 years at camp.
3. Sell the gold Coin to buy a camp kitchen
4. Replace the monetary value of the gold coin into the coffers of camp. (~$1200)
5. New Name: Free Cascadia WitchCamp
6. WitchCamp Council reps: Ross (as mentor for 1 year), Bird (as mentee for 1 year and mentor the 2nd year)

1. We hold a strong value around including families in our magical community. The Wellness and Culture Working Group will hold space for the ongoing development of the Family Inclusiveness Conversation and Plan
2. Sid will offer a family and child intake form to the Registration Working Group.
3. Create ways for story to be held throughout camp by not just the teacher team
4. Fundraising Working Group formed bottomlined by: seraphina, sid, amanda ruckus, winter, meddle
5. Solidify Bottom-Liners for the ZINE using COMMS as Working Group.
6. Wellness Culture Working Group will continue to workshop the list of Communication Values and create a list of Interaction Agreements that the cell (and working groups?) may discuss.
7. Consensus Discussion: individuals and members of the breakout groups are encouraged to send their discussion points — name glitches, problem solving, understanding of consensus — to Carissa as the point person for the Wellness Culture Working Group. she can be reached at moc.liamg|hctiwtifc#moc.liamg|hctiwtifc
8. Working Group timelines need to be sent to rain: ten.puesir|eworcniar#ten.puesir|eworcniar within the next 2 weeks, by December 1.

1. We created a Fundraising Working Group. The current agreement is that individuals can be consenting members of 2 working groups and a resource to more. A question came up if this new working group fits this agreement?
2. Continue conversation around Elements Path or Elements Intensive
3. Relationships between Working Groups — Logistics to Site, Theme and Story to Facilitation Selection, etc.

Agenda (Proposed):

Thursday night
Get oriented to space, eat, love, relax
Ritual foot washing / gate keeping for all folks arriving throughout our retreat
Sauna purification

8am — breakfast
10am —— Cast big circle for work, call in allies, catch threads, draw cards, woo it up!
10:30 — review agenda for weekend, make amendments, answer questions
10:45 ( 45 minutes ) Decide on Camp dates and activate Comms to send “save the date” notes
1130 — (45 minutes) Magical Accessibility – How do we attract and accommodate families?

What is our commitment to a Pixie Path and an Elements of Magic Path?
12:30 — Lunch!
1:30 – (1.5 hours) Interaction Agreements
3pm — (.5 hours) Working Group Break Out #1
3:30 – bio break and body movement game or exercise
4pm - (1 hour) Fundraising strategy and goal setting
5pm — (1 hour) OPEN SPACE
6pm – Dinner and kitchen clean up!
8pm – Toast and Boast! Celebrating ourselves and each other!

8 am breakfast
10 – reground in circle, review agenda of the day
10:15 — (2 hours) geographic identity discussion – Heart Circle format: talking talisman, story telling, no decisions
12:30 – LUNCH
1:30 – (1.5 hours) Consensus Process – Working out the glitches
3pm – Bio Break and break dancing
3:30 — (.5 hour) Working Group Break Out #2
4pm – (2 hours) Theme and Story visioning (trance, tarot, journey, brainstorm??)
6pm – DINNER!!!
8pm – ritual / dance party, dj Dragonfly on the ipod!

8am breakfast
10 am – reground in circle, review agenda of day
10:15 – (1 hour) Mentorship / Apprenticeship / Initiation for New Organizers —
11:15 — (1 hour) Using Our Name
12:30 – LUNCH
1:30 – (1 hour) Review / solidify relationships between working groups

1. Some working groups wait for each other, and that has been known to incur stress and lateness. Where does this occur and how can this dynamic shift?

2. Relationship between Theme and Story WG and Facilitation Selection WG.

3. Relationship between Registration and Communications.
2:30 – (1 Hour) Review working group timelines and create all-camp timeline
3:30 – bio break and afternoon tea
4p – (1 hour) OPEN SPACE
5p — (1 hour) OPEN SPACE
6pm – DINNER
8pm – Song Sauna

Monday morning
8am Breakfast
10 am close the circle, clean the house, say farewells.

Day 1, Friday

- Offering of community altar, everyone is invited to bring, add things to the altar.
- Casting the Circle, calling in allies and recognizing all of the Elements.
- Nora Bee offers grounding.

Draft agenda offered for review (draft agenda was offered over email).
Agenda is twinkled.
1 min check in happens.


facilitation - Julie Dragonfly

JP heartsong: summary to date. 4 of 8 date windows elliminated due to other camps
july 9th - 16th Peti does not think she could teach, jetlag.
17th - 23rd - spiral heart is right after, travel issues
July 31 - Aug 6th - Radical Faerie mens gathering at this time, Pavini unavailable
Aug - 13th - 20th, Vermont right after so again travel issues (Jude + Rain)
July 15th is full moon!
aug 13th is full moon!
- detail on Spiral heart conflict - travel being the issue, needing to get to Spiral Heart early to organize, set up. This conflict may be lessened, still uncertain. If help to get to the airport was provided the conflict would not occur
- Very important that we do not conflict with other camps, which is why these dates are left
- Question of leaving multiple dates in case of sight selection needing choice, but decision is made by sight selection WG that we pick the dates first, they can make that happen
- JP speaks to astrology, he has been told that early July or August better test for concensus on 10th to the 17th - TWINKLES!!!
dates, checked.

note from nora bee - can we start thinking about having this be our set date moving forward, year after year?
for another time, start with coordination wg.


Family Inclusiveness and Commitment to Elements Path
Facilitated by Pavini

Themes to be explored: What was it like/what did it feel like when adults held you in magic?

  • being spoken to as an equal
  • paid attention to
  • other people who weren't my parents paying attention
  • optimism

What did it feel like when you got left home?

Story about camp this summer regarding kids at camp, families taking up space, what it means to shift paradigm and responsibility to children

How do we want to shift our community to be supportive of families and kids?
What is our vision?

  • Pixie path
  • commitment from organizing cell that this is valuable
  • hearth to acknowledge kids food
  • feel like kids can be brought to camp and grown ups don’t miss out
  • idea re: smaller rituals for children with ideas towards ritual in path
  • art supplies
  • introduction to families and the type of parenting/family
  • continuity of boundaries
  • acknowledgement of parents, loss of parents from activism
  • maintain our camp culture with family friendliness
  • fluidity between adult and family friendly spaces
  • children’s sacred space / club house
  • anxiety about fostering censorship re: expression for folks stepping into their power
  • how to create structure to create family friendliness in relationship to camp values
  • - approach of organizer ideals / standards
  • - approach around accomodation
  • family tent space in a clear, accessible area but also far from main gatherings
  • kids sleeping area at ritual
  • expectation of joyful obligation includes childcare with designated space, art supplies, etc
  • specificity around needs for the kids from the families
  • clarity around safety check ins for kids / vibe watching / buddy system
  • related and separate family orientation
  • systems and literacy
  • intake form for parents — Sid will offer insight here

Wrap Up/Action Item: This conversation will be held by the wellness working group with access to rest of cell


Discussion regarding Elements Path

Facilitation selection team committed to both pixie and elements paths.

  • Intensive prior to camp?
  • How is it tailored to camp culture?
  • How do we access our vocabulary?
  • What is the purpose of our elements path? Magic 101?
  • What is the role of a zine in accessible camp culture?
  • How is elements woven in to other paths?

No consensus was reached.


facilitated by Ross


  • wellness culture initiative to engage around interact agreements on 10/7
  • statements or thoughts on how we interact with each other
  • come to concensus around that compact
  • relevant pieces could be put into gatekeeping
  • not rules, policies, or laws, but rather the beginning of a dynamic process as the camp evolves
  • identify expectations for all members of the cell
  • initial catalyst work came from lack of interaction agreements/foundation, so when things started to shift in ways that didn't feel healthy it became very subjective response/recourse
  • baseline-shift from subjective to objective

What happens if agreements are breached? How do we respond?

  • Wellness has been working on 'menu' of options for response which work within the moment
  • Agreement ideas:

o Not taking anger out on people
o Coming to calls grounded
o Responding to direct requests

Break into small groups; Group ideas of Communication Values:

  • Personal attacks are not ok
  • Consented upon definition of sexual harassment
  • Consented upon definitions of when consent is needed
  • Request for guidelines around conflict resolution
  • Trusting that we are all coming together towards a commonality, group process
  • Clarity in intention when you speak or post online (proposal, speaking to be heard, emotional sharing, etc.), express needs and offer timeline
  • Guidelines for response required
  • Be nice to each other and generally supportive
  • Calmness and honesty
  • Taking risks and vulnerability
  • Acknowledging when questions are asked and restating/reflecting understanding back
  • Timeliness of response – letting the person who is requesting information know when the response will come – some response is better than no response at all
  • Setting aside personal conflicts to show up for the camp work
  • Honesty
  • Following through with commitments even if that means asking for help
  • Count to 10 – check yrself before you wreck yrself
  • Be mindful of our presences and be allies to each other (step up, step back)
  • Take up the right amount of space/be an authentic participant
  • Value in strengthening our email container/agreements/content – Quality vs. Quantity vs. Content
  • Finding the right container for the situation
  • Coming to the space grounded and prepared to be concise
  • Not doing personal problem solving in designated organizing time
  • Honoring the agreements of the moment and asking for clarification if you are unclear
  • Encouraging full group facilitation – having more facilitators and matching the skill level with the complexity of the discussion
  • Co-creating our agendas/structures/containers
  • Relationship around individuals bringing personal struggles into organizing time
  • Not assuming we all have similar skill levels
  • Supporting people in skill building (both: offering mentorship and avoiding back-row facilitating)
  • Have flexibility with people in their different communication styles
  • Personal communication agreements/personal integrity valued/personal autonomy still serving the group – balance
  • Value to exploring conflict within organizing group
  • Culture of choice vs. Obligation – this raises concern around how we operate if we don't read emails, etc. – can we be more careful about what emails we say so more people can access email? – difference between email and group postings –
  • This intention is : _ and the timeline is:
  • Not jumping in at the last minute in a consensus process
  • Subject protocols for communications
  • Respecting each other's access to email and respecting each other's needs for communication – lots of clarity
  • Protocol for consensus process via email
  • Guidelines for conflict resolution
  • Communicate when out of range (ie: out of office replies)
  • Email with subject heading (PROP, INFO) i.e. Commit to proposal
  • Commit to regular responses (i.e. 1X/week)


  • Are these agreements equally applicable to the working groups?
  • How do we hold the elements/allies in conversation?
  • What are our agreements, communally, around spirit?

facilitated by Sidria

  • request for financial update, lingering business that the whole cell should know about
  • seraphina wants to share some thoughts
  • meddle has an idea for going forward
  • hearth and sustenance financial needs

Current financial accounting from Scout:
we are mostly at a 0, which is pretty great. We have money from years past, but havent been able to add to that.
$1-2000 in bank plus magic coin (worth approximatley $1200.)

approximate total budget for last year was: 6-7000 dollars.
2300 spent on food — Total food budget was around 3000 dollars. (difference is donations)
1000 on site
2400 on reimbursements
Primary expenses for 2010 camp: food, travel reimbursements, wolf creek land rental.

$5240 raised at camp – half cash, half checks – plus in kind donations of food
$120 came in after camp.

there were some issues around reciepts – they didnt come in – but everyone has been reimbursed except glimmer.

JP – sisters of perpetual indulgence gave us $250 in grant money

more financial details on the previous years on the wiki http://fawc.wikidot.com/budgets

wants to offer context/spell around how to think about this because groups have a tendency to operate with fundraising – oh, we have these lofty goals and we have to go and get money to meet this impossible budget – parties/hope and pray that people contribute – ideas of scarcity and abundance – how we are taught to think about money as activists – offer that money is energy despite screwed up relationships – move past ideas of bookkeeping into thinking about money as energetically run – metaphor surrounding flowing river – you can take water from a river, a pond, or the spill over – the first two ways you will be screwed during the dry season, but with the spill over there will still be abundance during the dry season – idea of setting up goal of seed money pool to fund the camp. Set intention that seed money is enough to run camp, money which comes in from fundraising and camp is spill over. This is an opportunity to rethink fundraising.

Dawn: considering ways to use website, interested in ways to auction songs, gifts, phone calls, etc, to raise money for camp. online auction

Winter: thinks there are good ideas such as paypal, but concerned about ideas of selling things as opposed to providing services for donation. Ideas of accessibility.

Dawn: clarifies: monies raised are for camp. Art, housekeeping, hugs, etc, can all be sold.

Meddle: primary way of raising money is through campers at camp. We spend money and have general experience of needs being met. Supplemented by events during the year.
Proposal: solstice fundraising email a la non profits

hey! We have a network for good account!

Should we do an auction at camp? Should we do it at Solstice with easily portable services?
Question? Where does the food come from? Lots of places.

Barbara – every year we spend around 6000. this year we need our own kitchen infrastructure. Previous years there hasn’t been strategy for raising money that has been clear and agreed to. Every year we hit the end of camp and have broke even somehow. Nervous around continually breaking even in light of all of our new expenses we have this year. Is this a finance wg issue? Who is bottom lining?

Ross: we need to put a kitchen together and are in a wild place. At twin lakes someone gave us the gold maple leaf coin – PROPOSAL: we sell that coin and use it to put a kitchen together.

Winter: willing to work with other people motivated to do fundraising – idea of starting new wg –point people in different locations to help plan fundraising all round the world

glimmer: it would be nice if we could get a grant. Feels like it is related to telling our story. If someone who is good at writing and telling our story the right way. Could we have a grant writing internship?

Troll: $2 –3000 budget for building our new kitchen. Renting would mean we would put money out and not in. having our own kitchen could be a money making tool. Question to answer in the future: Where do the bits and pieces stay?

Meddle: proposal: our budget we are trying to raise is 10 000.

kate: idea of looking at role of witches in midevil europe selling spells, beer, potions

norabee: ideas of being on message, pledging

gambit : ideas of college speaking tours

amanda ruckus: $1000 is easier to think about fundraising than 10000.

sidria: sum up:
*setting up online thing and push around solstice for donations
*grant – needs clarity around message and storying
*regional fundraisers
*rent our kitchen (wont help for this year but would other years)
*having a full pond – it would be great if we could have everything covered before camp
*scholarly gigs

action points:

scout – fundraising wg responsible for bottomlining, but not all the fundraising

people will do stuff – meddle has notes

glimmer – noticing that this camp is becoming more rooted than roving, and this effects the fundraising tactics

seraphina – proposal – fundraising wg does not count towards your 2 working group limit

**follow up: proposal: when we were at twin lakes last we received a gift of a 1 oz gold coin which is worth about 1300 dollars right now; proposal is to sell this coin to fund kitchen infrastructure

thoughts and concerns:

- representation of abundance
- safety net
- nervous about losing pool
- pro – spending it on infrastructure
- investment in kitchen as representation of nurturing and sustenance
- little coin isn't really abundance – lost in the forest, what will the coin do?
- Part of the spell of last year as the gift – gift of kitchen
- if we are going to sell the coin we ought to do it soon, re: economy
- kitchen as awesome representation of abundance

seraphina will track gold prices and look for a high point

CONSENSUS!!!: we will sell our gold coin to buy our kitchen infrastructure and work towards building our pool and create symbol of abundance for our community. We will also replace the monetary value of the coin with money back into the camp seed money.

seraphina: concern that we remember our structure – if we get donations it is not an issue, but if we take our options re: grants, selling stuff, it becomes a taxable event.

*** FUNDRAISING IDEAS AND PEOPLE: (meddle’s notes)

* online auction

- tech piece: dawn
- willing to donate or solicit donations: kate, rain, seraphina, sid, some others i missed

* email fundraising letter: meddle, seraphina
* grants

- writing proposals: scout
- research of grants: zaba, seraphina
- creating a story of our camp: kate, rain
- general support: joel, dawn

* regional fundraising — this was the idea of setting goals for different regions to raise the funds that won't be raised by the other tactics

— general: WOEVan, nora bee
— house as resource: troll, barbara

* making sure it's all Happening: seraphina, sid, amanda ruckus, winter, meddle

brainstorm more fundraising ideas:

* speaking gigs at colleges * a train-hop-a-thon, or walk-a-thon to camp * renting out the kitchen we're about to buy * incorporating spells, potions, over-the-phone songs, herbs, tinctures, art, poems and liquor into the silent auction

to see previous discussions on fundraising: http://fawc.wikidot.com/fundraising


in the morning we opened the circle for a heart circle -style sharing of our perceptions of the “rooted vs roaming” or “geographical identity” discussion. we decided that there would be no notes taken of individual’s statements and that we would harvest after lunch.


From the circle on geographic identity / rooted vs roaming
Jokes and chocolate
“what kind of bees make milk instead of honey? boo bees.”
efforts to lighten up the mood after morning of Heart Circle re “camp geographical
identity, i.e. roving vs rooted.”

Carissa and J. P. on phone.
Sid writing on large sheets of paper.

  • Ross - theme that he noticed is that we all have a great need/desire to stay connected. Deep caring about staying connected and the deep richness of what we do.
  • Meddle - 2 things. The importance to maintain the more tighter more magical thing that we are that is not just an “event production group.”
  • Also, heard a concrete idea that might turn into a proposal to “seed” another camp.
  • Julie Aurora - Would really like to see a way of welcoming and initiating new organizers.
  • Winter - Wants to find a way to honor and carry the memories and to hold these memories as part of the culture.
  • Also noticed the feelings about not wanting folks to bring their “baggage” to the conversation but also wants to point out that very “baggage” and struggles are a part of who we are and the work we need to do and what brings us to camp.
  • Rain - Idea of home: What is home? Is it a place? Is it a group? Wants to explore more conversation about decolonizing and our stories about what is home for all of us.
  • Also, would like to have more conversation about what is the right container for various conversations. When should we use email or other vehicles for business reasons, emotional conversations, etc.
  • Also, wants to look at all of us as organizers — not “new” vs. “old” organizers. Wants to have a balance about talking about all of our needs and desires without the expectation that all needs are going to be able to be met in the group. Wants to differentiate between allyship and counseling. How can we lend ourselves in a supportive way without expectations of being each otherʼs counselers. What is our social infrastructure?
  • What does it mean to be in this organizing group? How can we have enough fluidity to allow what is needing to come through and also respect and honor whatʼs gone before. How do we do the work? In this discussion it sometimes seemed more important to think about how we do the work as much as what is the work that needs to be done.
  • Feels like what is feeding a lot of this is the not knowing whatʼs going to happen. As we develop more conversation about possible new seeded camps and new ways of having relationships with ourselves and others, we might feel less fear about “unknowing.”
  • Scout - Heard that a lot of people were working on “loosing the grip” a little bit about what camp is. Detaching from outcome.
  • Joel - Heard that we are both birthing something new and that what is new is being born from something old. Heard that there is desire for the birthing of a “new thing” that is not either/or.
  • Sid - Spoke of vision of a holegram. An idea of a new thing that grows on top of layers and layers of old things.
  • Norabee - Noticed a sense of implied intimacy in the room that seemed like it wasnʼt being met. Heard a lot of people saying that they are not feeling held. Other people in the room seemed to be unclear about whether or not it is there responsibility to hold.
  • Also, noticed a feeling of annoyance because we seemed to not have an anchor.

Shared vision of thorns, roots, cookies……………..

  • Carissa - Take away from conversation was noticing of a dynamic tension between new and old, roaming vs. rooted. Heard a lot of energy about “how can we shape this differently?” “what is our process?” Heard that there is a lot of pain that many of us bring. Remembers conversations years ago in the Pagan Cluster about creating a space for healing, a place where people can go to heal. That piece of the history seems important to bring.
  • Seraphina - Wants to harvest: “yes/and.” Also question about why is our organizing cell so large this year? Is it because the camp this year needs help more midwifing. Also heard a lot of energy in the room for seeding a midwest camp. Thinks it is no accident that Sayre is in the kitchen today, that Song is carried what she is carrying around this issue, etc…
  • Rebecca - carrying a lot of energy of the ancestors and descendants and the Pentacle of the Great Turning.
  • Norabee — noticing a tension or difference between physical, emotional, political, and spiritual intimacy and how all of the webs of this intimacy are woven into this conversation.
  • Winter - Noticed that the conversation brought up a lot of sadness amongst people who have been organizing for a long time and wants to make sure we thank the elders who made camp happen.
  • Rain - Curious to know, “what is our magic?” about this? Been involved in a lot of organizing groups and this is the one that is made up of witches. How can we use magic? What are the magical tools that we can use for our organizing.
  • J.P Heartsong - Offering up Amaraʼs writing of what is our culture and also we can look at the answers to “what are you bringing to camp” on registration forms to know more about our culture.
  • Ross - Has been thinking about our camp culture for a long time and also has lots of experience about consensus. Notices that our camp values consensus more than any other witchcamp community that he has worked with. Notices that our process around consensus is of utmost importance. Remembers at the first f2f, how we talked about self-responsibility and asking for what you need, creates greater intimacy and

immediacy that many people are attracted to. This sort of situation is not seen in the dominant culture. So far, at this f2f, doesnʼt feel this sense of intimacy/ ”ask for what you need” experience.

facilitated by Ross
Times we use it:
1. f2f ( i.e. live meetings both at camp and not at camp)
2. email
3. conference call
Concept of “consensus is expensive” i.e. it takes a long time to come to consensus.
Break-out group to explore what are the glitches to consensus.

intention: journey to find the magic that needs to worked this year for our camp.
divine message for you and for we…
i see, i hear, i smell, i taste, i feel…

· I feel stardust, starlight sprinkling down, waking up consciousness and my serpent skin.
· I feel alive.
I see us storytelling.
· I see seeds blowing and i see the rooted one. Let me clarify. The seeds are flying and getting rooted in cracks.
· I see cracks in an umbrella of time
· I see people creatures and figures in mud. Mud people
· i see dead tree still standing in a clear-cut
· i see ancestors and descendants cheering us on, giving us high fives
· bumblebees dancing
· us making offerings with reverence, not just food or song but love and devotion
[Stirring in the room]
· ropes in the trees that are still living
· big clock
· very young trees growing from the stump of one cut before
· large snake slithering from its den
· people standing on stumps of tree and feeling what it feels like to have grown up as a tree, tending the land and leaving it better than when we found it and feeling free to steward the land b/c it isn’t owned by someone else
· long tunnel like a cave and there’s a rocky shore, wasteland and a traversing of it and an arriving and there’s Hecate, the mistress of the underworld and she’s forgotten and cold, devotion to her and willingness to walk in the underworld to sit at the crossroads in a place destitute and desolation,crossroads in the wasteland, where only stumps of trees are, see the waiting and the tending, process of becoming burned and starved and thirsty and finding a trickle of water in that place, which in turn brings one plant to life that is offered to her, she can
bring back the land
· bees
· flowers
· Honey
· sweat
· Shade
· occupying and exploring the underworld and celebrating lives well lived
· balance of the sun, hidden and underneath the beauty and what is growing, the dance like a snake’s dance, remembering lost parts of ourselves or our memories of our selves and community, togetherness, retrieving those parts collectively re-member, to gather the bones, to remember the body
· see myself in a canoe, parting the underbrush on the water
· people carrying buckets of water up a hill to a tarp city
· heavy burden, slopes covered with something to stop erosion
· music and dancing people laughing
· healing ritual
· birthing ritual
· donuts
· series of interconnected root systems that allow us to explore outward and deeper and downward, seek out water, keep us rooted
· deep settling, bodies on the ground, connected to the earth, in their bodies, in their bones and arising up from that place to the stars
· book, not just a camp book, another book
· quiet space to heal pain, somebody to listen
· i feel rage and determination
· feeling a young tree sending down roots deeper and deeper to nourish the forest for resiliency
· gathering to laugh and pray in a crumbling and chaotic surrounding
· space for the mystery, for speaking in tongues and animals and opening that channel,
for non-human allies to speak through us
· couple more grandmothers
· exploring what patience means in times of collapse and finding what home means
· i see a well full of water
· wheelchair carried up the hill
· keep seeing the goddess, like Athena being born out of Zeus’s head, busting through
see children sitting around a fire listening intently to a story
· i see those stories flowing through in time to those who will see the trees growing above
the rubble
[A little bit of snoring]
· shitters are full, dig them deep
· safe and sacred container for grief and sadness
· prayers and a growing faith
· salt water of tears collected in a pool and songs and stories collected among us
· i see myself alive
· more rituals for the transitions from life to death and coming of age
· people high up in the trees seeing the stars, songs from below, and as they hear them they feel stronger
· (something) at the gate
· continuing to act out patterns that are conditioned in us and choosing the deal with them
differently and that being a spell for the world as a whole
· i see the life cycle of trees, death and decay feeding many in the forest, feeding each
· emergence of the sacred role of the mysterious ones, the two spirited ones in ceremony
and culture
· explosions & jellyfish
· Wild life corridors to make way for species to move to safer place, preservation, provide space inside our souls for work to take place.
· Fear of revealing authenticity of power of story, history uncertain what might happen.
· Faery godmother driving out of snakes Celtic. Now coming back
· Water faery priestess. Went into mists. Attempt to rape them of power not possible. Power of surrender, devotion, reverence untouchable, birth right. Grace.
· Snake energy
· DNA, helix
· Myths, stories, faerytales still hold power even if they've been stripped of original intent.

Tarot reading with the collective deck — 3 cards for next year’s camp

Ace of Keys (fire)

· Treasure box similar to the one for camp, flames erupting from t and a hand about to turn a key into the box. In the flames — accordion, typewriter, drum, garland of flowers
· Treasure chest of potent energy unlocked, what is inside is glowing — fire in its rawest.
· New romance or creative project you find utterly stimulating. Anything feels possible.
· Energy ripe for new adventures. More daring and eager. Even the mundane thrills.
· Finish the zine you’ve been too intimidated to write. Take advantage of the energy.
· If you don’t follow your sparked curiosity, the treasure box will close without you accessing the energy.
· Immense power of ace of keys demands attentiveness.
· Check in regularly with people you trust. Are you falling out of self-care patterns?

The Magician — a disembodied head with t unicorn, beehive of hair, 2 octopus creatures.

· When you get the card the universe is trying to communicate – you have magic. You have unlimited potential to change your circumstance. Influence or manipulate your situation.
· Smoke and mirrors. Ti can suggest a person in your life influencing you or manipulating you to their will. Don’t be fooled by smoke and mirrors.
· Resourcefulness is the 3rd attribute. What resources do you have and how are you using them. Could mean drawing on the power of your community to make the change you want to make.

4 of Bones (earth) — in the center, there is a beating heart, with 4 bones in a frame around. Each corner has a skull in each of the four seasons.
· Cyclical card.
· Constant return to beginning of the cycle.
· Resistant and constant, the skull.
· Human heart shielded from the elements.
· Frame — cozy bedroom or prison cell.
· Know the limits and boundaries. 4 is the number of nature’s stability and cycle.
· 4 is the CODE card — order and structure — 4 legs of a chair, 4 walls. This card summons us to find the balance of freedom and structure. Allow self to feel safe. If you live rigid and out of touch with the natural cycles, this card is a suggestion to get outside and get into the cycle of your life.

Rebecca offers the Fairy deck and drew one for herself and felt it was relevant.
1. Represents geologic time — the time water takes to create canyons. Civilization is barely
a snap in all that time.
2. what are we afraid of: fairy godmother
3. what do we need to actualize : fae of the waters and the well. Healing and water.

Next Steps and post trance thoughts:

In years past the theme and story group decides how they want to go : idea, place based, typical mythical story. Last year the open google doc lost threads and we went into camp fragmented. The story had to be reinvigorated when we got face to face to pick up the threads that were lost. We need to choose a different tool than an open document. We need to decide what our process is to carry our story into camp. The relationship between the facilitation group and the theme and story group is part of how this moves.

Feeling of being squashed and pushed out. In the spirit of being different than colonized

Seraphina: people who couldn’t participate in path, tended to sit on the barn steps. I want to see a place where they can be to do their work. JP wrote a piece about queer people doing their work. Bees are dying like the canary of the coal mine, presage to the coming death, somehow midwifing the bees and something about the new people who are lost and don’t know where they fit is all part of the story for me.
People are big but have huge fear of little tiny insects: little things that don’t hurt us.

Nora bee : a thing i noticed we were talking about last year : 2 convos : teacher facilitation team at camp had a huge amount of work. Odd to craft the story and then give it away to the teachers to hold it all. Want to foster and sense that the story is held by more than just eh facilitation team as well as the arc. Does it morph into theme and story becoming a ritual planning or arc holding group at camp? How do we hold the story once its written and what do we do with it?

Kate: i fell asleep. Is that ok? And 2 things: i saw explosions and jellyfish

Rain: i only engaged the trance in personal way for a moment. A feeling of a story. Lots of work to preserve wildlife corridors, so that as climate shift happens, species move north for survival. Something about the magic of creating intact corridors for species for the future is similar to the links in our soul of memory for the decolonizing work for our future.

Zaba: i felt us being a council for the camp coming together and i valued the ritual for the theme and story and want to have more ritual around every decision making process. How discussing things in language isn’t the only way to get decisions made. Having different options for decision making : taking a walk, moving the body, etc.

Sidria: felt tension between stillness and movement and uncoiling and unfurling : lots of snakes, mythical anaconda eating its own tail. I liked how grounded we were here, good to have that place grounded in my body. Most present and grounded the whole time I’ve been here.

Troll: drew DNA all over my body, up and down.

Rebecca: lots of driving out of the snakes of Celtic lands when the shift happened from earth based to empire culture


facilitated by rain

[it is beginning to storm outside – there is a candle lit but the room is dark, sun moved behind clouds]

Request from Song re: this conversation – doesn't feel like there has been a general acceptance of the name, so moving forward with using it feels premature.

rain – challenged about how to use name until acceptance has been discussed

song – the process that held up to the name and the choosing of the name, for me, was rushed and I was afraid Andy was going to be at dandelion and we would have needed the name. Remembering that rain made a voice about feeling rushed. We chose to not listen to that and I chose not to listen to that from a place of fear of losing the camp. The names that went in to the hat, when I reflect on how the hat was built, I wasn't critiquing the names that went in the hat as much as I was ensuring the names that I wanted were in there. There were an overwhelming number of names that had the word Cascadia in them which shifted the odds. We decided not to do anything about that and to trust in the process. During the circle casting I felt a very manipulative/Loki presence in the room with us. My radar went off. I set that aside again. My nonacceptance of the name comes from a lot of decisions I made along the point, which led to us getting to this point (along with other people's decisions). When the name was chosen there was a lack of ___ among people in the room. We played out the celebration. Didnt feel like a real, honest celebration. I think there was a reason the name came, and was reflecting on that, and that was when I started talking about the geographic location of the camp. Also, it does not contain the words Activist, Free, a lot of the words that were important to me. There were two names at the end – one that we cant remember in conversation –
- really, i'm not happy with the name. Im completely pissed off about it. That is different than me not being happy with the name. Every time the name is used I'm furious – setting that aside and trying to figure out where that comes from, I haven't been able to tie it to one place. Camp got killed and I wasn't there. I wasn't told about it. I think it is really tied to a work that I had been carrying but not speaking about the movement of the camp outside cascadia.

Rain summarizes the above very succinctly and im not typing it. Song clarifies that the desire is for the camp to move to all places, not just the midwest; what we are doing is different and special enough that if we can bring it to them that is a really powerful way of spreading our magic. Its not just about the midwest; its about bringing our stuff to other places. I speak from that requirement of travel from someone who is always required to travel. From protests, to camps, to much everything. Rain summarizes again.

Rain asks what Song wants to see happen.
Song was thinking about this last night, wondering what the next steps are, how to publicize the camp without a name. Thinks there are clever and unique ways to do that and at the same time we can reinvigorate the discussion around the name with a plan for a selection for a later point, maybe at the next f2f. Rain wants to be clear that there are a lot of people in the room and wants to name that she is trying to hold space for needs to be met, but needs to hold a place that that need/desire may not be met.
Proposal – that we say that this is not our name and that we open up the name discussion again. We publicize the camp without a name // reopen naming process and discuss the camp in different ways until then.

Meddle – one thing I want to share is – reflect what he heard about teasing out the name and not being present for the death of camp; would be interested in making sure that one of our priorities would be to access that experience for/with – second piece is a rooting/roving/seeding – didnt know if it would be helpful or interesting to know about discussion yesterday

glimmer – feels a lot of similarities to what song was saying about the name. Also felt in BIRCH meeting and the name got called out and we realized the history – I wouldn’t have wanted but don’t want to reopen the process, instead PROPOSAL: modify to Cascadia Free Activist Witchcamp – then, as we seed or move we can modify the name, ie, Appalachia Free Activist Witchcamp.

Song – I really like glimmer's proposal, more than mine. Withdraw her proposal and put support around Glimmers.

Kate – the history of name. I think that the creation/idea that you can only have one name was created by need for industry/capitalism, and something that a lot of us have worked with in taking new names. I think that names can change and be fluid. I also want to respect the process. It took a lot out of us and our work. I think that the name that we choose to represent the camp for this year can be understood as fluid.

Troll – direct response – Concern that using different names to explain who we are feels a bit fragmented and concerns around legal pieces that need continuity. Changing names might make it hard for people to access camp.

Seraphina – re; process – I felt uncomfortable not so much because I didnt like the name but because of the piece that was mentioned about what goes in but not what shouldn't go in. I think we did a really good job under trying circumstances. Success/failure not as important as the process. What I heard in all of this was fear around what others would think of us/consequences and lack of time. Really important to realize that some of the constraints that drove the process came from outside.

Bird – also does not like the name as insufficient. Applauds geographic identity, but as identity it is insufficient. I would support a name change but not an email process around it. Idea: identity of camp should be in the name, idea Free Cascadia Activist Witchcamp.

Glimmer – it isnt unheard of for camps to change their name at will.

Joel – in response to glimmers proposal, I was putting my eyes on the notes from the all camp meeting where we decided on the ritual where FAWC was killed. Recycling that name feels like an extreme dilution of the magic that we did that night. The name was very symbolic in that event. Having said that, bird's variation of the name really piques my curiosity and is making me smile. I feel a gut thing about not using the free activist witchcamp sequence.

Meddle – wanting to use this conversation as motivation for email concensus protocals, and I want to encourage the story that song has with her engagement/not speaking up about the names she didnt want in the hat. Encourage it as a learning moment.

Norabee reminds us of the “heat score” conversations of using “free activist” in our name.

rain - wants people to speak for themselves and not for other people.

Glimmer okay with friendly amendment to her name proposal so that our name would be (using Birdʼs suggestion) Free Cascadia Activist Witchcamp

Pavini: 4 thumbs up, couple to the bottom and most thumbs sideways in quick
measurement of feelings about Cascadia Witchcamp as our name. Pavini is hearing what feels like a “block” from Song. Wants to acknowledge that this has been a hard space for Song to hold over the past few months. Also wants to aknowledge that itʼs a beautiful thing that our camp community is willing to listen and engage on this, i.e to not ignore one of our memberʼs deep feelings about a consensed decision. Also, wants to make sure that we are not rushing into a decision right now. That we are clear in our process around a consensed decion.

rain: just because we engage a discussion or proposal in the moment does not mean we have to finish considering it at this moment. rain is really open to hearing what other people what do to in this moment but wants to go ahead and entertain a proposal

Pavini - do you mean that we use a proposal to define what we are going to do right now?

Julie Aurora - likes the idea that we work on process right now, feels itʼs important process that consensed decisions can be changed if needed, otherwise we donʼt have any flexibility. wants to honor the fact that we have one person blocking a decsion.

Ross - wants to put out a proposal that we spend 30 min at f2f looking for a new name.

Serephina - as a member of comms wg, has been spending a lot of time thinking about what it would mean to find a new name, wants to say for herself that she feels very comfortable advertising camp without us actually having a new name. is open for name decision to happen today but also wants to leave open space for us to not be rushed and go forward without a name.

Meddle - hoping we can move into a discussion of Birdʼs proposed name of Free Cascadia Activist Witchcamp. And also wants to address Paviniʼs feelings of “letʼs make sure this decision isnʼt rushed.”

Song - there is a lot of stuff coming up for her as we are discussing changing the name today. thinking about people not in the room or on the phone who are organizers for camp. Thinks itʼs important to give them the opportunity to be involved.

Dawn - we could possibly use this time of creative aspect of not knowing (name) to engage peopleʼs imagining and visioning of what is camp.

Julie Dragonfly - wants us not to forget Rossʼs proposal.

Meddle -could have conditional concensus.

Barbara - direct response to Song. We have 17 people in room, 4 people on phone. Whoʼs here is here. We have been struggling with this for so long, wants to move forward and choose name now before end of f2f! We have had this on the agenda for a long time. Itʼs like our culture at camp of saying “we start at 7” if you arenʼt there on time you miss the beginning of ritual — we donʼt wait for you. (twinkles in the room)

rain - proposal on the table: Free Cascadia Activist Witchcamp.
comments, questions, concerns…………………………………..

Julie Aurora - questioning if this is too quick, wants folks in the room to center themselves and think about is this too quick of a rush to another name?

Joel writes name on the board: Free Cascadia Activist Witchcamp and circles the letter A. Laughter in room as we look at anarchist symbol and make jokes about free cawc

Sid - questions how Song feels about new name still having word Cascadia in the name.

Song - I like free cascadia activist witchcamp —- I like that it is mutable because it has words “free” and words “activist” in the name. And also thinks that if the camp moves or is “seeded” elsewhere we could modify the name for new locations or regions, i.e. Free Midwest Activist Witchcamp, etc.

Norabee - phrase opens with a dangling modifer.

rain - is grammatical dangling modifer a block for you?

Norabee - still feels like the name carries some of the spell of Andyʼs ownership of FAWC name. link to Andyʼs spell makes it a block for her.

Rebecca (and Glimmer) - what about Free Cascadia Witchcamp?

Kate: thinking about the word free. Does this word sometimes attract people who are looking to just take and not give? Wants to encourage a culture of barter, giving what you can, etc.

[we contract for 15 more minutes]

Names going up on board:
Free Cascadia Witchcamp
Cascadia Radical Witchcamp
Cascadia Free Witchcamp
Wild Cascadia Witchcamp
Free Magic Activist Witchcamp
Cascadia Activist Witchcamp

Julie Aurora - wants to decide what happens if we donʼt come to new name agreement now.

Seraphina – I feel moved to propose that we go back to not having a name if we dont get a name.

rain - either we come to new decision, or we revert to our previously made decision (name of Cascadia Witchcamp).

song – wants to have free or activist in the name if it is place based. The other name that was sitting on the table was free magic activist witchcamp.

Sid – there is also another thing that has been raised re: moving away from the spell of the name (andy's) and curious if there is room for substitution

Song - doesnʼt want to give Andy too much power in giving him total “ownership” of words “free” and “activist”

rebecca – proposal to temperature read on “free cascadia witchcamp” because it meets needs

Meddle - temperature reading on names.

rain - temperature reading in the room shows that folks all like the name Free Cascadia Witchcamp.

Free Cascadia Witchcamp (lots of middle thumbs, Winter almost stands aside because of feeling about word free, but after thought believes that she would be agreeable to the name.
Cascadia Radical Witchcamp (thumbs mostly thumbs down or sideways)
Cascadia Free Witchcamp (thumbs up from JP, Song, but not many thumbs up in the room)

rain - asks if anyone in the room feels like this process of changing our name does not
have integrety. Does everyone feel good about the process?

seraphina – feelings that this isn't crisp

Pavini - feels that this is integral to our culture that things can be changed if they donʼt feel right. hears Seraphina and Norabeeʼs concerns in the room about changing our processes and decisions and wants to acknowledge this and in her 4 years of organizing canʼt remember us changing a big concensus decision like this and that is somewhat uncomfortable but also, very exciting — that we as a cell are able to do this.

Winter – (winter/norabee twinkled seraphina) – we were twinkling about the process not feeling crisp, not the name. Seraphina felt the process didnt feel crisp.

song - thinks maybe we should take a temperature reading of all 5 names to have better process. wants to recognize that we did not take a temperature reading of other names.

rain - asks room if they want to revisit other names on list? Everyone in the room does thumbs down - they do not want to temperature check other names. Everyone in the room yells out our new name.

cheers and cookies.

rain - savor our process, savor the good feeling that have a name now that we all can live with and use!!! yea!!

Next up:
relationships between Wgs – is it necessary to talk about this as a group or is it only between some groups? Some groups only so pass on this for now

· we need to know who is willing to do a camp checkin online. Glimmer has been this rep but does not want to in this moment and is asking if someone would be willing to take on this role (not her)
· ross is willing but does not want to do it alone
· seraphina, bird, and sidria are all interested
· representing our camp is a cell body decision
· we like the idea of one mentor and one newer person who is learning
· seraphina wanted clarification about weather we had already made this decision but glimmer clarified that this was just temporarily
· seraphina remembers that a concern had been brought up around new organizers not being the ones representing us
· glimmer clarifies again that she realizes that this camp is in the spot light, there are a lot of questions around us, and while we do need to have a unified voice we do not need to ban new organizers
· folks also want to be able to access the information of what is going on, even if they are not necessarily the voice of FCW at WCC but the WCC list info is confidential.
· ross wants do a small group breakout with himself and the other three who are interested to decide who will actually be the rep.
Rain thinks we all need to decide who of this group would be willing to represent us
· some people have the opinion that you should have more than a year experience with our camp, and that you don't necessarily need reclaiming experience
· troll's proposal is that if we all consensus to the people who have volunteered then they can figure it out on their own
· sid withdraws
· nora bee does not feel good about the mentor mentee proposal because she wants to make sure that people who have been organizing for awhile could still get involved at a later date
· amanda ruckus meant new to wcc not new to fcw
· proposal that ross reps us and mentors bird for this year.. temperature reading is good,,,
· people who don't feel awesome about this speak to the fact that these people are both male bodied white men – dont know what to do with that
· bird also needs to clarify his relationship with seraphina before committing to working with her so intimately
· we need to make this decision, yesterday
· nora bee says if ross and bird were the only two men on wcc, maybe this would be a good thing. Also that we have a culture of checking our privileges and maybe to a fault (bird checks it every imself
ross states that in previous years he has been the only male bodied individual on the WCC
· rain supports and withdraws her concern around them both being male bodied
· barbara wants to make a clear request that there is a lot of people who have dropped off, so if bird does seed a new camp that he either stays involved with this commitment or he communicate directly that he is stepping down, and he agrees to the request
· seraphina stands aside because she missed some of the discussion, otherwise – CONCENSUS bird and ross are reps
· ross commits to drafting a story of our camp with an open invitation for amendments within 3 days. It will draw from out story on the website of the catalyst work and add some of what has been done at the f2f
· wcc done!

Peti has issue with the dates so we need to discuss
· jp reporting the information from peti – she will be unavailable for the dates that we have picked.
· There is confusion because she had originally said that she could come and the only problem was jetlag. There has been a change from her original email where she now says she can't come to these dates
· there is another part to peti's email that was an IF – she could come at later dates if she can afford it.
· Nora bee expresses the yucky feeling of picking between friends
· dawn has been willing to be flexible with the 17th-23rd dates, so this could be taken into account (sunday to sunday)
· barbara points out that there is an expectation for facilitators and organizers come early and stay late and so the date choice would preclude one of them from facilitating
· joel points out that they could still be involved and participate fully even if they were not facilitating
· troll is worried that if we change the dates we might lose both
· nora bee points out that we are so much more organized this year so we dont have to look at this from the point of view of scarcity of facilitators. Also that sometimes people cant come, and that sucks.
· Glimmer speaks to the fact that peti is our elder and one forth of the facilitator selection team, and so she really wants to respect peti
· rain does not want to change a consensus based on a maybe, and work to get peti here
· troll adds that we need some info from peti before being able to change the date
· JP wants to make sure that the decision process is very clearly explained to peti
· glimmer stands aside
· bird stands aside because he knows that peti struggles to pay for the plane ticket, and that she very much wants to facilitate because she needs the reimbursement that she gets from facilitating. Perhaps we could put her in a high place of priestess or whatnot.
· Barbara reiterates that it does not serve us to keep having this conversation every year. If we can pick a date based on lack of conflict with other witch camps then it would ease this burden every year, and that we need a new process for picking the dates
· joel holds concern that there was a lot of flexibility from dawn and does not see why we are not using this piece of information. There was none such flexibility from peti. While he sees that we dont want to picking between friends, dawn has offered that we change dates.
· Jp again clarifies – peti said one thing, then changed. Dawn offered flexibility. She may not be aware that she may not be able to teach if the dates change since she will have to leave early.
· Julie reiterates that we are proposing to change a decision and we do not have the ability to do this right now
· sidria restates – due to energy in the room we will leave the dates.
· Lots of people dont feel super awesome about this, but it is where it is. Lots of groups are ready to move forward based on these dates.

· no energy for this right now
· barbara clarifies that what we wanted to get out of this session was all the bits that depend upon each others groups for so many pieces. This does need to happen at some point. Coordination needs it
· troll proposes that present Wgs with timeline writes them on a big piece of paper before they leave this house and coordination will check in with them
· not so warm on this one
· we will reconvene at 7 and if you have to leave at least get some bullet points about your timeline if you have to leave, talk with folks who are sticking around to make sure the essential of your wg is conveyed.
· Travel cap clear before teachers picked
· budget deadline clear
· conversation around us being incorporated??? that is a big topic
· being sure to have money out of the bank before we need money for food and pre-camp expenses
· —-WE DIDN’T RECONVENE. WE GOT TIRED. Tabled to Coordination Working Group.


· Deep caring about staying connected

· Not losing any of the richness

· Value around not becoming an event production group

· More than that

· Seeding additional camps as opposed to having a camp that roams

· Welcoming/initiating new folks

· Honor and carry the memories of the culture/camp

· Acknowledge our struggles as part of the work we need to do, comfort with baggage

· Home as in a place / home as in a group (sometimes they are both)

· Need for the right container for the right conversation + right amount of care for each other

· Counseling vs. 'Allyship'

· Developing social infrastructure

· What does it mean to be in this organizing group? Balance between doing the work, and how we are approaching the work

· Conversation about strategy of how we would seed/create/foster new camps

· Detaching from personal ideas of how one sees the camp

· We birthed something new

· Which was made out of an old thing, moving toward synthesis "holons"

· Implied responsibility intimacy/intimate culture

· Not getting met, not feeling held, ramifications of that

· Anchor/energetic base: imagery: bowl of valley with roots growing around it > spark + energetic fire > bramble + thorns push + pull between spark and thorns: support or damper? > things flourishing + falling > roots or thorns > cookies, yum!

· Dynamic tension around "polarities"

· How do we shape this differently

· How the activist/change work we engage in can be painful

· A place to come home + rest + heal

· What is the 'yes and …'?

· Whether the group is large because it is, or because the camp needed help midwifing

· The energy coming out of the Midwest

· Ancestors, magic, the great turning

· Physical, spiritual, emotional, + political

· What does it mean to be intimate + in proximity?

· Thanking/showing appreciation for the work that has been done, has brought us here

· What is our magic about this? What are our magical tools, what is our intent to use these tools to be present in this unfolding

· Information from registration

· A resource for our culture + conversation

· Amara's list of questions

· Consensus (embodying values of)

· Prioritize process, self-responsibility what is our magic, initiating organizers


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