Face 2 Face 2011

the 1st of 2 F2F retreats was held November 4-8 in Portland, Oregon at Barbara and Troll's house.

Here are the abridged notes:

1. Camp Dates = Sunday July 10 - Sunday July 17, 2010
2. We commit to creating a Pixie Path for the next 2 years at camp.
3. Sell the gold Coin to buy a camp kitchen
4. Replace the monetary value of the gold coin into the coffers of camp. (~$1200)
5. New Name: Free Cascadia WitchCamp
6. WitchCamp Council reps: Ross (as mentor for 1 year), Bird (as mentee for 1 year and mentor the 2nd year)

1. We hold a strong value around including families in our magical community. The Wellness and Culture Working Group will hold space for the ongoing development of the Family Inclusiveness Conversation and Plan
2. Sid will offer a family and child intake form to the Registration Working Group.
3. Create ways for story to be held throughout camp by not just the teacher team
4. Fundraising Working Group formed bottomlined by: seraphina, sid, amanda ruckus, winter, meddle
5. Solidify Bottom-Liners for the ZINE using COMMS as Working Group.
6. Wellness Culture Working Group will continue to workshop the list of Communication Values and create a list of Interaction Agreements that the cell (and working groups?) may discuss.
7. Consensus Discussion: individuals and members of the breakout groups are encouraged to send their discussion points — name glitches, problem solving, understanding of consensus — to Carissa as the point person for the Wellness Culture Working Group. she can be reached at moc.liamg|hctiwtifc#moc.liamg|hctiwtifc
8. Working Group timelines need to be sent to rain: ten.puesir|eworcniar#ten.puesir|eworcniar within the next 2 weeks, by December 1.

1. We created a Fundraising Working Group. The current agreement is that individuals can be consenting members of 2 working groups and a resource to more. A question came up if this new working group fits this agreement?
2. Continue conversation around Elements Path or Elements Intensive
3. Relationships between Working Groups — Logistics to Site, Theme and Story to Facilitation Selection, etc.

The FULL set of Notes here:
Face To Face November 2010, Portland

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