Face 2 Face 2010

2010 FACE 2 FACE held in Portland, Oregon, December 2009, at Barbara's house
present: Barbara, Rain, Ross, Pavini, Joel, JP, Brush, Maralena

These are part of the notes from Face to Face, December 2009

What was Friggin’ Awesome!!:
• Gatekeeping
• Sanitation
• Vibe of sex positivity with good boundaries
• Shared power as organizing body
• Slow of magic
• Daily briefing / all camp meeting – especially effective after food
• Rotating FAWCer of the day
• Bringing in new folk to take on leadership
• Lots of participation in ritual
• Open space technology
• Self-selected affinity groups
• Timely! Schedule following
• Calling meals
• Signage
• Emergency preparedness
• Good clean up
• Solar lights!!!
• Genderfucking!

Rooms / Spaces / Areas for Improvement:
• Open space technology
• Self-selected affinity groups
• Pre-camp agreements about what is enough time for organizers to be together pre/post camp
• Paper info center needed with better organization, tender and better placement
• Signage
• Communication to facilitators who are outside immediate organizing circles
• Contingency plan for communications around shitty weather / emergencies
• Anticipation of alternate routes
• More drag
• More support for core organizers
• Mid-week organizer check in
• Paths felt estranged because there wasn’t a time for path facilitators to meet
• Healing ritual at night
• Need better grid, i.e. layout for entire week
• No group responsible for developing grid
• Need for more people to stay and help with clean up
• Hearth space not against the kitchen would be better
• Need for more big tarps
• Need more specific areas for open space technology
• Anti-oppression awareness – flavor of whiteness
• Stronger conversation around activist aspect of camp
• Stronger connection between woo-woo and actual practices

Gifts and Challenges from FAWC 2009 at Twin Lakes – ‘Round the Circle responses

G: language of rain in mist onto lake – new primal language, immediacy of experience, loud listening
C: Seeing awareness of missed opportunities

G: sense of realization and reintegration. Being in love again after a sense of disharmony and disconnection
C: challenging to get there. Down to the last second – Am I going to get there?

G: how many brand new campers taking on leadership roles; real gender fluid space
C: struggle around being a core organizer and participating at the same time. Not having clear boundaries about who takes on organizing roles @ camp ahead of time

G: challenging self to step into roles that are more visible and out in the open
C: different levels of commitments to camp what folks roles are. Saddened by a compaction of process without space to talk about it in the moment.

G: co-facilitation of path. Stepping into role as teacher
C: how much it felt like I had to release and step aside in order for the path to flow

G: self-care agreement – has presented it and shared it with others
C: not enough food

G: how much laughter, psychedelic quality to the laughter, faerie laughter
C: facilitating circle jerk and weather: hypothermia. Moments of invalidation, not holding space for self

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