From our magical visioning at the face-to-face meeting
(as recorded, humbly, by Riyana, with apologies for anything she missed)

People discussing community

The Council of All Beings — ancestors, humans and non-humans, change-makers
Calling forth those who listen
Solidarity with our Allies

The Pentacle of the Great Turning, now beginning with Solidarity
Birds, fey, animals

Grey is the color of concrete, of clouds
Pulling on the white and the black, walking the grey path

Campers dancing by the fire, the shadows cast
Dancing with the shadow
Shadows cast by the sun of the empire are not true shadows

Hearthspace — warm, a center, heart connections
Safe place for hearts to be, bodies to be
We're well-protected
Strong container — us and the unseen
Magic beams through us, "We're ready."

Living embodiment
"growing a tree inside the machine, breaking the machine apart"

Dancing altogether — everyone.
Great wild earth, holding us, reminding us, whispering in our ears, "You may
be afraid, but its' okay"

The meteor may hit tomorrow, but we have today
It has wings, like our hearts have invisible wings, and it flies.

What does it mean to be between the worlds,
What does it mean to fly in the face of fear?

The serpent and dragon spiraling together, holding space for the juiciness

What does it mean to be activists making magic? What does it mean to be
witches taking action? What is a free activist?


Learn in the mystery?
Who are we becoming? We do we serve? How?
How do we recognize we're not free?

Balance of stillness and action

Feeling safe making love to the earth
Millions of bee feet walking all over me

An invitation for initiation to the path of a new culture

The earth sense us in anticipation

Each of us has a piece to bring — singing, drumming, making magic, making

A Place to hear the wisdoms, the wild will tell us what to do

Perfect unity and harmony coming together, falling apart, surfacing again

Urgency & patience
the ancestors and descendents painted on the walls of the cave

Migratory birds whispering on the winds

When we speak a truth, how do we grow fast enough so that when the echo
returns we've evolved enough to hear it? How do we stay ahead of the tide?

The moon is falling upon us

So much is lost

Native peoples, willingness to be allies

All genders, all beings
Calling beyond ourselves,
people responding whether or not they fully know it
Building seeds of culture, storing them away in song
weaving them into our bodies

Relationships growing, hearts softening, trust, feeling held

Juicy ecstatic connection followed by periods of hard, challenging,
productive work
Work coming through song, touch, silence

Warriors writhing, rising from the well, held by the well

Working for change together

Rats joining tails, forming a membrane

Potential — unlimited, even by our dreams. Blown apart and reformed. Free
means free

Playground of time and space and consciousness
Fucking with our roles, roles fucking with us
Free - fire - fucking

Steam is water and fire combined

"Humble yourselves in the arms of the wild."

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