Shared on Saturday morning during Face 2 Face Gathering, December 5-7, 2008

waking lying next to my lover, how why, where, what.
how to be with her in a puppy pile?
i was loved in a way that fulfilled my every longing.
we were at a spa. at camp in the streets. life, connection, love, courts, military courts, success.
i fell asleep to the coyotes, a whole camp without words. trees, rivers, by a river, the trees
needed me to speak for them.
need love to heal and healing to love.
there was a pyramid of power on it's side that we had created from within ourselves.
liker a hug, and a third place for the goddess.
there were two army camps, each with one general who didn't know what the controller
was doing. i went to that person and hugged them and persuaded him to close an army
camp down, moved the person to a river in a city
our words were becoming organic wild darkness connection decomposing liberation
burgeoning uprising
living winged heart
not fully sleeping all night, my arms were wrapped around & holding beloved allies. In
dream world I walked all night carrying a heavy, important stone or brick on my left
shoulder – I was warding, circling around the land, all night long, carrying this essential
piece of a strong foundation.

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