F2f Org Decisions

Below are decisions made by and for the organizers cell Face to Face Gathering, North Bay, California
December 7, 2008
All proposals below passed with consensus, with much conversation and sensitivity that the entire cell was not present, and we were unsure if it was appropriate to make decisions that had not been previously discussed with the whole cell… this is what we came up with, honouring the distance travelled to bring us together, and the distance that keeps us from being in each others presence…

PROPOSAL: At camp and Face 2 Face (f2f) meetings of organizing cell, changes to camp
organizing structure can be made provided the f2f meeting was consensed to at another
meeting (and provided at least 5 people are present).

POPOSAL: Conference calls: changes in the organizing structure can be made on a
conference call provisionally [sic?] that they would have to be ratified at the next f2f
meeting or conference call.

PROPOSAL: Creation of a "Community Culture" Working Group that will create proposals
for processes of organizing cell and camp culture dealing with wellness and process of
camp. These proposal (those created by CCWG) will be consensed upon by the organizing

PROPOSAL: Teacher/Facilitatio n Selection Work Group (FSWG) (will) put out a call for
community lead paths. FSWG will select paths and teachers based on input. There will be
specific calls for Youth Tribe path. Organizing cell at large will consense to final team and

Teacher/Facilitatio n Selection Work Group (FSWG) will specifically invite teachers for two
paths at camp:
1. Priestessing Path – those path teachers and participants will facilitate the ritual
facilitaion process with Theme & Story Work Group (TSWG) and other community members
and teachers who want to be involved.
2. Reclaiming Class Path – TSWG will select two Reclaiming trained teachers to faciliate a
core reclaiming class.

PROPOSAL: No longer use the "Free Return Policy"
Discussion items:
- not all people that wish to return will be suitable for paths
- also delayed the selection process
- but this was used in the past…
1st year mentored
2nd year stand as experienced
- There is a long list of teachers with free returns. Was there a time limit discussed? An
experation day set? It was suggested (to teachers) to act upon it within 1-2 years.
- Student teachers vs. Old time Reclaiming teachers
- Decision was made before the first camp with the intention to carry continuity and
engage mentoring. Maybe this exists in organizing cell, rather than with teachers
- As we put out calls for path proposals, name that you have a free return, which will be
considered strongly.
- Everyone has td the opportunity to use their free return except Jason, Captain, &
Alphonsus, who are [teachers] from FAWC 2008.
- [We will] contact free returners – [to let them know we are] eliminating policy and doing
community led paths.
- [We will] acknowledge that they have been told about free return in the past and it will
be considered.
- …Strong value of continiuity in our group.
- Respect relationship with teachers.
- Find out who really wants to come back?
- How can we honor who really feels called?
AMMENDED PROPOSAL: We will no longer use "free returns" policy for teachers. As we put
out calls for path proposals, ask that teachers name that they have a Free Return which
will be stongly considered. Teacher/Facilitator Selection Work Group will contact those
[people] with Free Returns to say that we will be eliminating the Free Return Policy.
Acknowledge that it was an agreement in the past to create continuity, we will attempt to
honor this. We respect relationships with teachers and [will] find out who really wants to

PROPOSAL: Facilitator/ Teacher Selection Work Group can put out call for teachers before
Theme & Story is chosen.

PROPOSAL: Ross offers to do two things to move forward our group discussion of
Boundaries and Containers:
1. write up a reflection from the ‘circle of tears’ [that took place earlier in the day] and
post it online.
2. ask important questions about the more physical and logistical boundaries of camp and
post these on the yahoo group for everyone to answer.
Both of these action items will be available for the newly created Community Culture
Workgroup to utilize in their development.

PROPOSAL: (spoken by Brush) A reflection of this weekend will be composed and shared
with the larger group. Someone/s will harvest and refine/distill questions around our
long-range purpose of who we are and offer that to the Community Culture Workgroup
and they will be invited to facilitate further process around the results. Seneca, Amara,
Rebecca and Brush volunteer to take this action.

PROPOSAL: Organizing Group Conference calls will take place on the Tuesday closest to
the waxing half-moon @ 6pm pst. The Coordinating Workgroup will inform the entire
group of these dates.

NEXT CONFERENCE CALL: January 6th, 2009, 6pm pst

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