Hi Everyone, this email is an action item from the recent f2f. I
volunteered to write about a process we experienced together which is
really hard to describe.

There was a consistent call during our gathering which many resonated
with which was about deep process. We tried to honor our inner truth
and name what is uncomfortable. I understood this as practice, for
camp, and practice for the world in which I want to live in, both
during these confusing times and after, in whatever comes from the
rapid changes now taking place.

Someone was crying, and when this person was ready they named what
was going on for them. It was not what I imagined and this made it
possible for me to name what is important for me to be fully present
and transparent with my emotional life. Invitation to cry, and ask,
or not, for what I need in the moment.

Others then named what they needed for emotional safety, to be fully
present and share the spontaneous emotional life we all have which is
suppressed in many ways by the dominant culture of the United States.

Requests from others that we ask for feedback and support when our
expression is full of turmoil and much sensitivity comes up about how
it is received.

Invitation to express, if desired, all emotions, joy, rage, despair,

Wanting the group to know that taking physical space, standing away
from the circle, is an act of much needed self care, and that the
person is still part of the circle.

Wanting the group to know that a no is just as valuable as a yes
after naming what is wanted, wanting to see and honor everyones
honesty, even when the answer is personally painful.

Knowing deep within that gender creates a universal sisterhood where
support is on the deepest magical level.

Wanting support for destructive compulsions to leave behind.

This process was about making it safe for emotional expression, not
about being safe from others emotional expressions. It was about
naming what we needed to fully express ourselves, and listening and
being open to the answers.

This email is an invitation to conversation, in writing, in person,
about how we can know and express our own magic, and invite that in
others. We had a meeting, we made decisions, and there was a lot more
going on. I trust that I saw a little bit of this and together we
were aware of much more. Those at this meeting, what were you aware
of? Those at a distance, what would you ask for to support you in
fully expressing yourself? And yes I am talking about camp.

In Love and Community,

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